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Increase Your Chances for Promotion!

Promotions depend on promotion boards. And promotion boards depend on Soldiers having NCOERs that completely describe their performance and that include all of his or her accomplishments, experience and potential. Without a good NCOER, a Soldier is just an anonymous candidate with no history and nothing to justify advancement to the next grade beyond Time in Grade and promotion points.

The bottom line is, to be competitive, you must deliver a quality NCOER. And the good news is, it's the one thing you have complete control over! So do yourself a favor and invest a little time in yourself. It will pay big dividends for the rest of your Army career.

Give Your Soldiers' Career a Boost
with this time-saving book

  • Writing Bullet-Proof NCOERs
  • How to Write with Impact!
  • Effective Duty Descriptions
  • Over 2,000 Bullet Examples
  • Submitting Awards
  • and More!
Army Writing Guide

I Got Promoted First Time Eligible!

Drawing from over 24 years of experience, the author has poured his extensive knowledge and experience into 256 pages packed with information and examples that can't be found anywhere else. This time saving resource puts the the right words at your fingertips, with ready-to-use words and phrases that will help you stratify and document performance with speed and accuracy.

In these days of highly competitive promotions, it's more important than ever that your NCOERs carry as much weight as possible. Invest in your troops' future and outdistance your competition.

256 Pages/paperback

Rave Reviews from Readers

Great tool to have when performing appraisals. Many examples to use in conduct evaluations. Quick reference tool for phases when identifying non performers
—James W. Garrett

This is by far the most comprehensive NCOER / Awards writing guide that I've ever come across including countless searches for "NCOER bullets" and the information contained in the green and black book "The Writer" series that you can pick-up at the AAFES Clothing Sales Store.

This is the best reference for writing Army evaluations I've ever bought. It's well written, doesn't waste space on dry, technical details and gets right to the point. It also has tons of pertinent examples.

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