MOS 11A Infantry Officer Duty Descriptions

11A Reconnaissance Troop Commander
Commands a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop comprised of 79 Soldiers; responsible for the training, operations, health, welfare, morale and discipline of all assigned personnel; develops and executes training and maintenance programs to ensure combat power needs are met; visualizes and describes the area of operations, directs actions to achieve results and leads the troop to mission accomplishment; serves as subject matter expert in dismounted reconnaissance; mobilizes for state missions, as ordered by the Governor of the State of New York.

11A Reconnaissance Troop Executive Officer
Troop Executive Officer, responsible tracking and monitoring Troop operations; receives, verifies, consolidates digital and voice reports and forwards them to Squadron and adjacent units; ensures voice reports are converted into digital reports to generate friendly and threat situational awareness; OIC of Troop command post, plans and supervises the Troop's sustainment effort; assists in Troop level operations orders and planning; coordinates with higher, adjacent, and supporting units; assists the commander in issuing orders to the troop headquarters and attachments; conducts additional missions, as required; assumes command of the troop as required; platoon Leader of Headquarters Section; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of all Headquarters and Troop equipment; Additional duties include: Safety Officer, Hazmat Officer, Unit Maintenance Officer, TMDE Alternate, Unit Dispatcher, Unit Movement Officer, Logistic Readiness Officer, Air Load Planner, Unit Load Team, Container Control Officer, Unit Supply Officer.

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