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MOS 11B/Team Leader Duty Descriptions

Team Leader in a M2A2 ODS Mechanized Infantry Platoon
Team Leader in a M2A2 ODS Mechanized Infantry Platoon;Bradley gunner maintains accountability of up to 2.5 million dollars worth of equipment, BII and communications platforms onboard the vehicle; trains and mentors the Bradley driver, responsible for his equipment and well-being; operates the 25 MM cannon and the 7.62 coax machine gun during combat patrol, navigates for the Bradley Commander, and monitors communications traffic between other vehicles and ground units; takes control of vehicle movement in the absence of the Bradley Commander.

11B20/Team Leader in a Light Infantry Company
Team leader in a Light Infantry Company; responsible for the welfare, fitness, morale and discipline of a four man Team; responsible for the individual training and maintenance of their equipment; primary instructor and advisor in the matters of tactics, personnel management and junior leader development; directs his Team's tactical employment during offensive and defensive operations; responsible for the accountability and maintenance of all assigned MTO&E equipment worth in excess of $30,000.

He is a fighting leader who leads by example. He has authority over his subordinates and overall responsibility for their actions. Under the fluid conditions of close combat, the team leader must accomplish assigned missions using initiative without needing constant guidance from above. His position on the battlefield requires immediacy and accuracy in all his actions. Responsible for all his team does or fails to do, the care of his men, weapons, and equipment. He is the subject matter expert on all the team's weapons and battle drills. Leads his team in fire and maneuver and assists the squad leader as required. He is prepared to assume the duties of the squad leader at any time.

Light Infantry Paratrooper Team Leader 11B2P
Responsible for the physical and mental readiness, weapons proficiency, medical skills proficiency and the leader development of four soldiers within his team; entrusted to secure and promote professional and lasting partnerships with Iraqi Security Forces within the units area of operation; lead and conduct combat patrols within the guidelines of the unit commander; prepare his Soldiers for deployment to the theater of operations; maintain accountability and maintenace of his team; assigned equipment valued in excess of $500,000.00.

MOS 11B/Fire Team Leader
Leads an Infantry Fire Team in combat operations; supervises tactical employment of team in offensive, defensive, and retrograde operations; provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in accomplishing their duties; receives and issues orders, coordinates with adjacent elements, ensures collection and reporting of intelligence data; analyzes terrain, adjusts aerial fire support; performs duties of squad leader in his absence.

Team Leader
Performed duties as a Team Leader in a Mobile platoon executing combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom; responsible for conducting convoy security patrols, route reconnaissance and surveillance, and quick reaction force for the greater Kabul area Afghanistan; responsible for the health, welfare and professional development of 3 Soldiers; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of all team equipment and 1 M1151A1 up-armored HMMWV valued in excess of $175,000.00 dollars; assists platoon sergeant and squad leader in planning and preparation of combat missions.

Team Leader/SSG for a Recon Platoon in a Stryker BN
Reconnaissance Platoon Team Leader assigned to a CONUS based Stryker Battalion Combat Team; responsible for the welfare and readiness of seven team members; plans for and conducts training for the efficient execution of raids, reconnaissance, ambushes, and civil military operations in preparation for rapid deployments; enforces tactical and Soldier discipline in garrison and field training exercises; responsible for the employment, accountability, and readiness of a Reconnaissance Vehicle, weapons, and equipment valued at $2.5 million.

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