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Construction Engineering Supervisor Duty Descriptions

Construction Engineering Supervisor/Platoon SGT
Platoon Sergeant/Operations NCO of an EN Vertical Construction company of 156 authorized personnel; responsible for training, accountability, welfare, physical fitness, maintenance, serviceability and equipment; provides leadership, mentorship, and training to all Soldiers; responsible for various training objectives to include preparing and maintaining the Yearly Training Calendar, Yearly Training Brief, training on METL tasks for combat readiness, preparing and maintaining and validating training schedules and unit training; maintain training records for the company and prepares Soldiers for MOS training, NCOES/OES, and functional schools.

General Engineering Supervisor
Supervises general engineering activities related to all construction and utility operations; assists engineer officers in construction planning, scheduling, and material estimating; assists in the preparation of operation orders, standing operating procedures, and contingency plans; provides staff supervision and principal noncommissioned officer direction to units engaged in performing general engineering missions; inspects construction and training activities; supervises performance of combat engineering missions.

Supervisor of a Construction Platoon of 32 Soldiers on varies projects. Responsible for sustaining mission readiness of fourteen pieces of equipment and engineer tools valued at over $2,000,000. Reads and interprets constructions drawings. Estimates material, time, equipment and labor requirements. Supervises the construction and repair of wood frame, concrete, masonry or prefabricated structures. Supervises the installation and repair of utility systems. Inspects structures and facilities to compliance with specifications. Directs operator maintenance on assigned vehicles and equipment. Directs combat engineering missions.

Battalion liaison
Assigned as the Battalion liaison for electrical, carpenter, and plumbing engineers ordering supplies; is also responsible for the supervision, training, welfare, and morale of a 8 man team in the S4 Section. Soldier is also responsible for maintaining accountability, maintenance and safe operation of various types of equipment such as a LMTV and HMMWV. Soldier also maintains various sets, kits and outfits all totaling more than $250,000.

Squad Leader
Assigned as a Squad Leader in a Vertical Construction Company; responsible for the supervision, training, welfare, and morale of a fourteen Soldier Squad consisting of Carpenters, Plumbers, and Electricians; responsible for the maintenance, accountability, and safe operation of one HMMWV, one M929 5ton, two 2KW generator, one three KW generator and various sets, kits and outfits valued at over $230,000.00

Senior Engineer Operations and Plans NCO for the U.S. Army South's Engineer Directorate.
Senior planner for several construction projects in Support of the mission of US Army South and US Southern Command exercises in Central America, responsible for planning and synchronizing engineer support and operations, developing Humanitarian Civic Assistance projects and identifying exercise related construction requirements; prepared engineer cost estimates in support of several exercises; coordinated directly with U.S. Army South staff and supporting commands to ensure compliance with engineer, environmental and construction policies and procedures.

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