Cyber Operations Specialist Duty Descriptions

17C Cyber Defense Analyst
Performs Network Terrain Audits, when necessary performs Penetration Testing; detects and reacts to anomalous threat activity and Cyberspace events; conducts Incident Response activities and collects Basic digital forensic data; interprets and understands the rules of engagement for Cyberspace operations while integrating intelligence data into Cyberspace operations.

Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC
Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC responsible for the professional development, combat readiness, and health and welfare of 39 Soldiers including commissioned offers, senior warrant officers, and senior NCOs; ensures CPT readiness to counter threats to the DoD Information Networks (DoDIN) by administration, planning, skill certifications, and supervision; advises leadership in overall mission readiness, pre-deployment cyber qualification training, individual and collective training, and deployment support of missions in CONUS, 335th Signal Command theater of operation; coordinates with US Cyber Command, ARCYBER, ARCOG, its service components, and federal agencies including NSA.

Cyber Protection Team (CPT) NCOIC
Serves as the team NCOIC for XXXCPT; provides direct support to 39 members for all Soldier readiness requirements in severely constrained or decentralized mission environments; delivers solutions to leadership to meet mission and training requirements; supports Total Army Forces Objectives to identify specific threat vulnerabilities, coordinate capabilities, and conduct deliberate planning in order to defend the nation from foreign cyber threats; synchronizes and coordinates with US Cyber Command, ARCYBER, NGB, its service components, and federal agencies.

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