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36B/Financial Management Duty Descriptions

Military Pay Technician or Military Pay NCO
Performs comprehensive review of military pay transactions to include determining allowances, special incentive pay, debt collection, enters necessary pay transactions via automated military pay system; examines and verifies documents for propriety, completeness, and accuracy; performs audits and resolves problem cases involving over payment or underpayment of members for prior periods of service; reviews error reports for actions rejected by the automated pay system to determine the reason and input adjustment transaction; provides customer service, explaining entitlements, adjustments and indebtedness of pay accounts.

Supervises specific duty training within the G-8 section, provides technical and operational advice in personnel, medical, training, and logistical matters related to the functioning of the G-8 section; provides technical and tactical training, guidance, mentorship, and ensures the safety, health and well-being of all Soldiers; manages the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) program, as the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) with the responsibility of processing, overseeing and assisting over 9K Travel Card holders; manages and trains over 150 Finance personnel on the Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP); processes and manages in GFEBS over $62M of OMAR funding.

Senior Financial Management Analyst
Serves as a Senior Financial Management Analyst for an MTOE Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) supporting over 47,000 Soldiers and families on Fort Hood, Texas; responsible for the execution of pre-deployment and redeployment training programs; ensures the Processing sections complies with the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) regulations and standards; ensures internal control procedures are enforced to detect fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds; responsible for the morale and welfare of seven Soldiers.

Special Actions NCO
Serves as Special Actions NCO for an MTOE rapid deployable Financial Management Detachment; Sustains critical Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) operation by supervising the Financial Management Special Actions section; responsible for the health, welfare, training, and leadership of one Soldier and one civilian; researches regulatory doctrine and renders decisions on military pay related matters; prepares and distributes various management reports.

Resource Management (RM) NCOIC
Serves as the Resource Management (RM) NCOIC for the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, which accounts for over 1700 personnel and an annual budget which exceeds $35.5 million; oversees the entire Brigade's travel administration, Defense Travel System (DTS), and government travel card programs; responsible for the daily operations of the RM office to include document receipt and accuracy, preparation and processing, and section low density training; accountable for three INSCOM control areas; directly supervises three Soldiers; Platoon Sergeant for 34 Soldiers responsible for morale, welfare, training and accountability.

Financial Mgt Technician: Budget Manager SL4
Debt Management Monitor (DMM), Finance Defense Travel Administrator (FDTA) and Pay Liaison; responsible for the providing assistance, tracking and recovery of funds concerning DUE U.S. overpayment and collection actions. Responsible for administration of Defense Travel System(DTS) lines of accounting (LOA), budgets, and for overall administration of DTS. Provide help desk support DTS travelers in the command and down trace units. Coordinate training for Unit Administrator and assist units with pay issues.

Senior Financial Management Analyst SL3
Serves as Chief of Military Pay; responsible for the care, supervision, professional development, technical and tactical training of four NCOs and nine Soldiers; responsible for accurate and timely pay entitlements; ensures substantiating pay documents are processed and maintained in accordance with regulations and theater policies; audits MILPAY cycles for upload; plans, prepares, and executes mobile pay missions in support of financial management operations within Multi-National Force Iraq-North; provides quality customer service to all Soldiers at Contingency Operating Base XXX and outlying bases.

Detachment Sergeant SL4
Detachment Sergeant for an MTOE Financial Management detachment; responsible for the training, health, welfare, administration, and professional development of 26 Soldiers and 8 NCOs; assists the commander in planning, coordinating, and executing all mission support activities, to include management of DMPO sections comprised of In and Outprocessing, Reserve Pay and Soldier Readiness Processing; provides financial management support to over 28,000 Soldiers on Fort XXX; advises the commander on all Soldier issues to include awards, promotions, administrative actions, and UCMJ; responsible for $600,000 worth of equipment.

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