MOS 46Z, Public Affairs Chief Duty Descriptions

Chief PA NCO/46Z5O
Supervises, plans, coordinates, implement and executes all events associated with the PRNG Public Affairs Program according to DOD, ARMY, NGB and PRNG-TAG directives and guidance. Develop and implement ideas for Public Affairs Guidances and Annexes. Work as a media liaison to civilian media and in all areas of planning internal, external and community missions. Edit and approve newspaper, newsletters, broadcast product and social media products for internal/external audiences. Advices the PRNG leadership in PA campaigns, communication plans and strategies related to the media. Serve as the liaison between the PRNG, local, national and international media; local and private organizations, and state and federal agencies that request support from the PRNG-PAO.

46Z40/Public Affairs NCOIC
Conduct public affairs and broadcast operations in support of Army Reserve Medical Command, assist with the supervision and administration of Army public affairs programs primarily through news releases, articles, web-based material, video, and photographs of Army material for use in the internal and external news media; facilitate media relations support; research and prepare information, articles, web-based material, video and photographs showcasing Army Reserve personnel and activities; provide technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in accomplishment of their duties; perform as a writer, reporter, editor, videographer, and producer in television productions; perform operator level maintenance on assigned equipment.

46Z40/PA Training NCO AGR
Plans, develops, coordinates and implements training plans, guidelines and procedures, reports and assessments for 20 Soldiers; conducts training in accordance with Army training doctrine; prepares unit training records for unit, 20 individual training records, operation orders, mobilization plans, SOP's and weekly and monthly readiness reports; welcomes new Soldiers into unit and coordinates for their unit accounts and schools; manages the daily inventory of over $500K worth of equipment and supplies; supervises the research, preparation and dissemination of information through news releases, radio and television products

46Z40/Media Relations NCO
Media relations NCO for NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). Responsible for aggressively and systematically engaging international, regional, national and military media through direct contact, press releases, briefings, conferences and the Internet; prepares key leaders and subject matter experts for media engagements and interviews; crafts and caries out strategies that enable senior leaders, staff and subordinate public affairs elements to effectively engage the media; plans and conducts media training for the ARRC command group, key leaders, and multinational staff officers; supports the Command's US National Support Element with the full range of public affairs activities; performs duties as the assistant treasurer for the NCO mess club.

Public Affairs Operations NCOIC
Works and coordinates as the Command Information Officer and the Media Relations Officer; produces quarterly magazines, monthly newsletters, bulletins and brochures when needed to provide internal and external information to the command and the public; manages a Hometown News Release Program and a Community Relations Program; supervises ARS Soldiers assigned; assists the Media Relations officer with coordinating media coverage for command functions and activities such as WHWCAP, CoC, and Mobilization of subordinate units; executes Press advisories and press releases of exercises to media outlets; coordinates with RRC, OCPA and other units for support of command functions; writes press releases for command and subordinate units when needed; fulfills all mandatory command requirements in the administration of personnel, logistics and daily operations of the PAO section.

46Z4O-Public Affairs Operations NCO-Print Team
Trains, supervises, and provides mentorship to the Soldiers in the Print section to achieve next level of career progression; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of $96,000 of equipment; produces news and public affairs product IAW Defense Information School (DINFOS) training and Defense Media Activity (DMA)

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