MOS 56M Chaplain Assistant Duty Descriptions

56M40 Senior Religious Affairs NCO
Serves as the Senior Religious Affairs Noncommissioned Officer of a Chaplain Detachment (CD-Alpha) consisting of five personnel including two Officers, the NCOIC, and two Soldiers; maintains accountability of over $175,000 of Hand Receipt items and supplies; maintains deployment records, files and administrative data; plans and implements enlisted and CD training; provides mentorship and technical/ tactical training to adjacent Religious Support personnel; leads to integrate CD for Religious Support of a Maneuver Training Center (MTC); works closely with the Chaplains of the CD and MTC personnel to ensure deployment readiness as a unit is pursued.

Senior NCO of the Unit Ministry Team (UMT)
Serves as the Senior Noncommissioned Officer of the Unit Ministry Team (UMT) for a light infantry battalion consisting of approximately 900 Soldiers, NCOs, Officers, and 3 DOD civilians; maintains accountability of over $70,000 of Hand Receipt items and supplies; organizes support for UMT programs; controls offering for religious worship services; conducts small group training sessions; prepares section input to staff estimates and OPORDS; implements specified elements of the Religious Support Plan, and works closely with the Chaplain as a section leader and essential member of the Unit Ministry Team within the Battalion Area of Operations.

HHBN Chaplain Assistant NCO
Provides senior leadership, management, technical and tactical expertise while serving as the HHBN Chaplain Assistant NCO; shapes the environment to accomplish the Commander's Religious Support mission by providing technical expertise in religious support operations and the impact of religion on the unit and the mission; responsible for the planning, training, professional growth and career development of two chaplain assistants; managed the Battalion Unit Ministry Team (UMT) hand-receipt; advised senior enlisted leaders on chaplain assistant roles and functions, and provided feedback related to unit morale and Soldier spiritual fitness, readiness, and resiliency.

56M40 Chaplain Assistant NCOIC
Serves as Assistant NCOIC of the Chapel; leads in performing religious support operations; plans and implements enlisted training, CMRP and chaplain annex to OPLANS; manages chaplain support activities; develops family spiritual renewal reintegration strategies; conducts moral leadership training; implements crisis intervention strategies; implements internal controls for funds; prepares requests for grants; performs conflict resolution.

Chaplain Assistant
Synchronizes religious support in the contemporary operating environment; coordinates force protection for religious support operations; maintains situational awareness for the Unit Ministry Team; assists in planning religious support operations and deployments; maintains reports, files, and administrative data for religious operations; coordinates religious support in the absence of the chaplain; applies technology to religious operations; integrates religious operations with Civil Military Operations; coordinates Traumatic Event Management; conducts specialized peer counseling for combat stress casualties.

56M Major Command Senior Chaplain Assistant
Serves as senior chaplain enlisted advisor to the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) a multi-service interagency consisting of 23 locations in 17 states; recommends policy to the Command Chaplain; provides technical expertise in religious support operations; analyzes religious data and its impact on the unit and mission; synchronizes religious support requirements with staff; provides direct support to Forward Operational Assessment Teams; develops plans, orders and annexes; supervises implementation of Spiritual Fitness Programs; conducts specialized counseling; manages property and funds of a $40k budget.

56M20 Hospital Chaplain's Assistant
Served as the NCOIC of the Department of Ministry and Pastoral Care at a multi-specialty 60 operational bed hospital and 21 associated clinics with a staff of 1,168 Soldiers and civilian employees; provides full spectrum religious support to Soldiers, civilian employees and authorized family members; conducts briefings, coordinates religious programming, ceremonies, and worship services; provides security and maintains accountability and serviceability of over $20,000 worth of equipment and supplies; serves as an advisor to the Hospital Command Sergeant Major on matters of religion, morals and morale.

56M30 Chaplain Assistant
Plans for, coordinates, and oversees religious support for all religious facilities on Bagram Airfield (BAF), a FOB with more than 30,000 soldiers, airmen, sailors, and civilians; integrates religious operations tasks into the total joint, interagency, and multi-national environment; assists in the development and training of resident UMTs; supports the combat stress control team; responsible for executing the USFOR-A mandate on ASIST training by coordinating, conducting, and supervising ASIST training throughout RC-East.

56M Chaplain Assistant
Assists the Battalion Chaplain for an M777A2, 155mm towed howitzer battalion in direct support of the 4th Brigade, 2d Infantry Division (SBCT); accomplishes all aspects of Religious Support Team (RST), including suicide prevention training, assessment, and intervention, spiritual fitness training, screening counselees, and identifying Soldier Morale issues; maintains accountability and serviceability of field and garrison equipment; assists with all operational and logistical support necessary to sustain the Battalion UMT.

56M Battalion Religious Support Team NCO
Serves as the Battalion Chaplain Assistant for an Airborne Infantry Battalion of over 900 Soldiers; provides technical, administrative, and battle staff functions and logistical support for worship services and ministry events along with other religious activities in an Airborne Infantry Battalion; responsible for consolidating counseling and weekly reports and is hand-receipt holder for section property in excess of $20,000.

56M Brigade Chaplain Assistant NCO
Serves as the 120th Brigade Chaplain Assistant NCO; provides training with TSPs for the Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants of the mobilized Sustainment Brigades; provides support for the Married and Singles Strong Bonds Retreats; ordered and acquired manuals and training materials for Couples Retreats; tracked MAT Cell Training schedule to ensure UMTs training is published and completed; provided religious support in the absence of a Chaplain.

56M Unit Ministry Team Operations NCO
Operations NCO for the (Insert Unit Here) Chaplain's Cell, responsible for the Integration of Religious Support Operations into the unit mission; synchronizes religious support and integrates the Unit Ministry Team into the tactical element to support the commander's Command Religious Support Program; ensures reports are complete and accurate for distribution to appropriate personnel; creates, updates and supervises the publication of maps, charts, orders, annexes, estimates and graphics; assists in the development and war gaming of COA's during MDMP; provides supervision and training to all subordinate Unit Ministry Team Chaplain Assistants.

Battalion Unit Ministry Team (UMT) NCO
Serves as the Battalion Unit Ministry Team (UMT) NCO; responsible for the coordination of the Command Master Religious Program, responsible for post-level religious services; ensures the logistical day-to-day operations of the chaplains office; accounts for UMT equipment and ecclesiastical supplies valued at over $3,000; ensures all equipment is ready for field operations; assists with casualty ministry and combat stress control; serves as the USO representative for the FOB.

56M Chaplain's Assistant
Integrates Religious Operations, Spiritual Readiness, and Basic Human interaction tasks into the total joint, interagency, intergovernmental and Mulit-National environment; sychronizes religious support and integrates the Unit Ministry Team into a tactical element to support the Commander's Religious Support Program; mantains reports, files and administrative processes for religious operations and in Support of the Chaplain; manages, maintains, and supervises religious support facilities, staff and operations.

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