Medical Surgical Nurse Duty Descriptions

Medical Surgical Nurse
Serves as Medical Surgical Nurse in a 60-bed critical care facility; oversees staff and surgical team to ensure duties are accomplished; sets up, operates, and monitors specialized equipment such as cardiac monitors, respirators, defibrillators, etc.; assists surgical team and advises physician of significant changes in patient condition; administers oxygen, IV fluid, blood transfusion and prescribed oral, subcutaneous and intramuscular medications.

Medical Surgical Nurse
Serves as Medical Surgical Nurse; manages an average caseload of 30 patients a week; performs initial patient assessments; coordinates with physicians to plan and implement care for patients; removes sutures; administers medications and injections; provides IV therapy, tests glucose levels; performs venipuncture and provides wound care; records patients' medical history and test results; monitors patients and initiates nursing interventions to expedite healing and recovery after surgery.

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