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92W Water Treatment Specialist Duty Descriptions

92W40 Senior Water Treatment Supervior
Served as the Senior Water Treatment Supervisor for the Sustainment Command Expeditionary: responsible for water reconnaissance coordination and the determination supervision of bulk water requirements; assists in determining equipment and transport requirements for water production, storage and distribution operations for the command All supporting and supported units; provides bulk water support operation oversight and guidance to the FORSCOM Leveraging Sustainment Operations in CONUS

92W40 Company Level
Supervises 21 Soldiers in water treatment operations; directs water reconnaissance and water point development; provides technical guidance to personnel; responsible for site selection and setup procedures used for water operations; supervises and trains Soldiers to perform water treatment tasks; manages operator level maintenance of equipment; analyzes and verifies test results of raw and treated water and records all status on appropriate forms; responsible for the accountability, maintenance and inventories of the water treatment equipment and chemical supplies; responsible for preparing the water treatment reports.

Platoon Sergeant 92W40
Serves as a Platoon Sergeant in a Brigade Support Battalion; Alpha Company, 126th BSB, 79th Troop Command; responsible for the discipline, accountability and development of 17 Soldiers and 5 NCOs; supervises personnel readiness, maintenance, and utilization of five Fuel trucks; two Load Handling Systems (LHS); and two Tank and Pump Unit (TPU), one Light Water Purification System (LWPS); one Tactical Water Purification System (TWPS); 11 HIPPO's with trailers, weapons and additional equipment valued in excess over $12,000,000; enforces technical and tactical training standards for unit mission accomplishments.

92W20 Water Treatment Specialist
Conducts water reconnaissance; develops water sources and water points; supervises and trains soldiers to perform water treatment tasks; performs operator maintenance and inspects operational condition and maintenance of equipment; determines treatment method and treats water for purification; analyses and verifies test results of raw and treated water; maintains and inventories water treatment equipment and chemical supplies; prepares water treatment reports.

92W40 Water Treatment Specialist
Directs water reconnaissance and water point development for division, corps, and echleons above corps; Manages operation and ensures quality control of water supply, storage, distributions and purification activities; performs staff and advisory duties; Furnishes reports to higher headquarters; Develops area water supply and treatment plan and supervises operation.

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