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ADVON (Advanced Echelon) NCOER Bullets

o studied past After Action Reports to prepare for advance party; first exercise in 5 years with nothing left behind

o secured, transported, and maintained accountability of 120 M4 and M16 rifles and 8 M9 9MM pistols as they were moved from the Fort Totten Arms room to the Arms Room at Fort Dix

o selected for advance party; helped mess tent and ensured base camp was set up and ready for main body arrival

o represented comm shop on ADVON team; transported COMSEC and keyed and prepared all LMRs; ready for issue on arrival

o on arrival at Fort Dix, ensured all 54 pieces of unit equipment were ready for field use

o evaluated five routes for convoy and selected the safest; ensured the Annual Tour convoy to Fort Stewart was successful

o checked every convoy HMMWV for adherence to Safety of Use Message (SOUM) 19 003; inspected a total of 33 HMMWVs in the 321st E-MI BN inventory

o ensured the 23 convoy HMMWVs and the 19 HMMWVs remaining in the compound were operational and able to meet mission requirements within 24 hours notice

o as a member of the ADVON Team, ensured Bn equipment was off-loaded and secured and that the Battalion's footprint was established to facilitate a smooth transition to the mobilization site

o dedicated over one hundred hours to the support of ADVON for Warfighter 2019

o demonstrated flexibility while balancing multiple assigned tasks within the section

o supported the G6; allowed Task Force West to be successful in its simulated assault against NK enemy forces

o volunteered to extend his stay until the conclusion of AT even though scheduled to depart with ADVON

o obtained certification on the forklift and trained on the Blue Force Tracker to better cover down on tasks where qualified personnel were not available

o drove 500 miles on convoy to Camp Guernsey and accumulated 1,000 more miles on daily missions in and around the training area

o his positive attitude and motivation during the set-up of the FOB was key in executing all essential tasks assigned to ADVON in a timely manner

o volunteered for the last 3 Annual Training events as ADVON and torch party and ensured over 100 Soldiers received the proper amount of ammunition during Annual Training

o drove a tactical vehicle more than 500 highway miles to transport critical items needed for the range including weapon and ammunition

o trained 20 Soldiers on Command Post of the Future (CPOF) during Annual training

o identified and completed tasks; assigned roles and motivated Soldiers resulting in ADVON meeting their SP time with 100% of equipment needed in the field

o ensured vehicles and equipment of his section and of the entire company were inspected, prepped, and loaded allowing the convoy to meet their SP time

o volunteered consistently for ADVON duty throughout his time with HHC; proved his dedication and loyalty to the Company and his investment in the success of the Battalion

o set up the Operations Cell at Camp Ripley during the ADVON period and facilitated requests for equipment needed and coordinated movement of equipment and gear

o set up the Operations Cell at Camp Ripley during the ADVON period; freed over 72 hours for senior leadership to carry out last minute taskings critical to training operations

o her foresight contributed to zero containers being delayed in Kuwait during redeployment of ADVON; major factor in the successful throughput of BN soliders and equipment to the US

o selected over peers to conduct ADVON redeployment operations, paving the way for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, and ensuring a smooth transition

o served as forward support for the 1073rd Support Maintenance Company; worked three 12-hour days to construct twelve barracks and work tents

o moved forward of even the ADVON to identify and secure unit equipment sent by Strat-Air

o prepared the site and set up required equipment for training; facilitated training and enhanced mission readiness

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