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Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign Coordinator

SPC Sullivan drove the Bn AER initiative. He liaised with 7 units and led 3 Soldiers in an organized fund raiser and maximized the 3,000 post personnel opportunity. His diligent efforts ensured the support of Soldiers in need.

SPC Crosby made 100% contact with all unit members including deployed and facilitated a 99% contribution rate, the best unit AER contribution rate ever for Fort Bliss.

Command/Community Involvement. Volunteered 40 off-duty hours planning and supporting two fundraising events which garnered $500 towards the unit's AER goal.

Bn's AER representative, ensured 100% personal contact which led to the base earning $200K, surpassing last year's record by 20%.

Managed Company's AER fundraiser; organized event with 11 volunteers and raised $900, the highest contribution of any Company in Stuttgart.

As Division AER representative, she raised over $2,000 in the first week and exceeded goal expectations by $500.

Led unit AER donation drive; contributed to over $250,000 in donations, the most ever raised in Texas.

As Platoon AER rep, made 100% contact with 188 staff members and raised $950 toward the base target of $180K. Her efforts exceeded established goals by 30% and set a charitable example for the Army community.

Supported 3rd annual POW/MIA 24-hr fun run and helped raise 7,000 dollars for the Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign and Soldiers in financial straits.

Flight coordinator for Army Emergency Relief (AER) Campaign fund-raiser; netted over $900 and achieved 110% of goal.

Donated to Army Emergency Relief Campaign; $115K raised; contributions helped exceed wing donation goal by 32%

Volunteered as AER representative; 100% contact made in one week, raised over $300 and promoted esprit de corps.

Staff Sergeant Mays made contact with all unit members and, through solicitation of 100% of personnel assigned to Heidelberg Health Clinic, was able to raise $1,433.00 for the 2015 Army Emergency Relief Annual Campaign. This total was 20% above the Garrison goal of $10,000.

Sergeant Collins made lasting contributions to the U.S. Army Garrison Command FY 17 AER Campaign. Sergeant Collins assisted in the success of the annual AER campaign with contributions surpassing the AER goal of $30,000.

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