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Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

o TDY to Baumholder Army Installation, Germany, produced 47 JTACs in 18 months for unit

o completed over 5,000 controls, trained 89 JTACs, maintained records for 56 operators

o supported five SFAB teams/355 outside the wire missions in support of 5 ANA brigades and enabled over 50 Key Leadership Engagements to be conducted

o assisted in Army/Air Force joint ground operations; improved pilot/JTAC efficiency and strengthened CAS mission roles

o aided 7 JTACs with the control of 50 hours of Close Air Support resulting in 19 annual operational currencies being met

o instructed 55 joint personnel on emergency CAS procedures

o led Digital CAS training events for five Soldiers which eased night operations and shortened the kill chain before weapons employment

o completed the rigorous unit pre-JTAC qualification program, executing 20 hours of simulations and classes prior to his eligibility

o established new SOP for granting approval for kinetic strikes ISO of OFS ROE in TAAC-N

o provided timely and accurate targeting data to the on-scene JTAC and aided immeasurably in the success of OPN Ghorak Pass

o coordinated with the JTAC to ensure the safety of 150 personnel in Ghorak Pass during the checkpoint build, enabled the build team to finish 24 hours early

o deconflicted over 80 hours of Close Air Support and controlled more than 100 hours of ISR to overwatch friendly forces and provide an early threat warning system

o identified a safer route out of Ghorak Pass while controlling ISR which led to the safe return of 200 U.S. forces and local nationals

o attended the JTAC 3-3 revision conference and authored several chapters, providing direction for the future of air-ground integration

o prepared Soldiers to deploy to OIF and OEF, ensuring that TACP were ready to provide effective CAS support to forces engaging the enemies of the United States

o coordinated with IJC and JTACs in support of 188 OEF sorties ensuring 100% of objectives were met and 500+ Coalition Forces and civilian lives protected

o ensured that 33 aircrew were CSAR ready by ensuring 344 Evasion Plan of Action (EPAs) and 456 Evasion Charts (EVCs) were prepared prior to 755 TSP sorties

o executed day-to-day operations and improved aircrew knowledge of threats and weapons ensuring the entire Squadron was prepared for any and all contingencies

o controlled over 110 hours of Army rotary wing assets and air force fixed wing assets and coordinated sling loads for resupply during 2 ANA clearance operations

During Exercise African Lion 2018, Sergeant Soldier's unmatched drive for perfection, outstanding leadership skills and consummate professionalism while assisting and advising allied forces resulted in effective joint operations. He single-handedly developed periods of instruction to cater to the Moroccans' level of understanding due to language barriers. Sergeant Soldier's foresight and planning resulted in classes for 7 JTACs on the CAS Execution Template, Fixed Wing CAS 9 line, Rotary Wing CAS 5 line and the practical application of these classes. During live fire exercises, Sergeant Soldier mentored the Moroccan JTACs with close air support of F/A-18s and Moroccan F-16s and F-5s. His patience, control and drive enabled the Moroccans to execute the CAS Execution Template in accordance with the JTAC MOA and subsequently gain confidence and trust in their own abilities to request and control close air support. This marked the first time in more than 45 years that live ordinance was dropped on Moroccan soil since the Military Coup of 1972. Sergeant Soldier's actions bring great credit upon himself, 1st Battalion, 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade and the United States Army.

Meritorious service while serving as JTAC, Camp Red Cloud AIN, South Korea from XXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Coates facilitated 48 close air support sorties and 13 live missions as part of the coalition effort to enforce persistent USFK air presence. He also provided essential theater wide communication capabilities for three joint peninsula wide exercises. Sergeant Coates also helped train 12 Special Warfare JTACs on CAS request tactics, techniques, and procedures which strengthened the Republic of Korea's deep strike capabilities. Finally, his keen attention to detail was showcased during a Korean VIP live bombing range exercise when he declared the immediate inadvertent presence of unauthorized personnel on the bombing range impact area. Sergeant Coates' quick response to notify the controlling JTAC directly prevented the death of more than 35 civilians. Sergeant Coates' distinguished accomplishments and loyal devotion to duty bring great credit upon himself, 607th Air Support Operations Group and the United States Army.

Staff Sergeant Hootie L. Blowfish distinguished himself by meritorious service while assigned to Detatchment 1, 4th Air Support Operation Squadron, 4th Air Support Operations Group, Baumholder Army Installation, Germany. During this period Staff Sergeant Blowfish conducted live Close Air Support training with eight aircraft neutralizing 20 targets and enhancing air-to-ground training for three coalition nations. Additionally, he personally trained two Soldiers on 20 training tasks, completing requirements for qualification in less than two weeks. Finally he was a key participant in the first ever Slovenian CAS Exercise where he expended over 1,500 pounds of live ordinance and shared techniques with six allied country JTACs. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Blowfish reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army.

air strike called in by JTAC

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