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Admin Duty NCOER Bullets

S1 Clerk

o filled in as AFSBn-Qatar S1 for 6 months, filling an E7 postion

o processed all administrative actions for the Battalion within time limits

o supported 8 award ceremonies, a promotion, and a change of command

o stayed abreast of deployment updates by attending all leadership meetings and kept Soldiers apprised on changes; guaranteed section was ahead of schedule

o assumed duties as Detachment-12's administrator; ensured all Soldiers' DTS was completed properly, that they were paid correctly and that all promotion packets were checked and sent to home station for mailing

o performed S1 duties during CPOF operations; controlled the situation while under a great amount of pressure

o expanded her knowledge of CPOF operations: took a class on CPOF machines to prepare for operations and helped other Soldiers who were struggling on the machines

o helped other Soldiers prepare for AT: supervised rucksack packing and evaluated equipment for serviceability, helped replace missing items

o provided extra physical fitness training every morning before work, as well as whenever time permitted and raised his section's PT scores by 20% in the past 60 days

Human Resource (RCDS)

o reviewed Army regulations, Detachment property book to ensure material no longer required or outdated was properly disposed of in accordance with Army Regulations and policies

o overhauled three supply rooms; facilitated two seamless change of command inventories with no FLIPL actions required

o demonstrated his dedication to the unit's administrative demands, addressing them with speed and efficiency, facilitating the out-processing and separation of seven Soldiers and a more accurate manning report

Speechwriter, Headquarters, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence

o prepared for CG and CSM transition activities; wrote dozens of farewell, retirement, and change of command speeches that positively portrayed the Army, Fort Leonard Wood, and the senior leaders transitioning

o designed, developed, and produced two personalized professional quality "yearbooks" for the CG and CSM

Mission Support Team Member

o was instrumental in the daily strength accounting and management of over 1,200 initial entry soldiers

o provided training to new team members as well as supported units; instrumental to qualification in less than 30 days

o undertook additional training with J6 to add to his knowledge of all emergency mission functional areas; restored entire site after power outage

o performed in a professional manner in managing expectations in a multi-service environment

o served in two capacities: as the battalion S-1 Forward and the 385th administrative clerk for overseeing, maintaining, and ensuring that all awards, NCOERs, and Flags are processed in a timely manner.

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