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Barracks Mgr NCOER Bullets

Building Mgr NCOER Bullets

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Billeting Representative NCO-ER Bullets

o updated procedures to prioritize placement to accommodate tenant commands; reduced Soldier wait time

o identified 3 falsified orders; denied billeting, fowarded copies to issuing authority

o enforced Ft Gordon billeting priorities; conserved finite resources for student-status members

o established a continuing relationship with airport information desk in order to ensure Soldiers receive up-to-date information

o provided weekly reports on billeting, buildings, rooms, and beds, for 2015-2016 fiscal year budget

o coordinated with main gate/military police to integrate notification procedures for Soldiers stranded at front gate

o established daily airport pick-up service for most popular arrival times

o improved billeting availability forecast length and accuracy; improved traveler experience

o ensured breakfast contractor met obligations; extended breakfast hours and menu

o enforced limited access to common areas; increased availability of laundry for residents

o implemented a reservation board which projected daily, weekly, and over 30 days; simplified reservation process

o provided around-the-clock assistance to new arrivals; streamlined the in-processing process

o created a Battalion key control system that organized the keys for 220 rooms, resulting in 100% accountability at all times

o contributed to the control of 14 vehicles on ISA Air Base, PAT V,and PAT VI

o worked closely with HQ and Barracks Management to ensure that all returning soldiers would have adequate billeting

o corrected any and all issues that surfaced during assignment of rooms and trailers

o developed and printed informative redeployment packets for every returning soldier

o contributed to U.S. Billeting Modular Housing's day-to-day operations

o managed 15 modular buildings and maintained accountability of civilian contractors and coalition forces

o ensured compliance with the RSG's Billeting Policy

o updated and distributed Standard Operating Proceedures that greatly improved working conditions

o cared for over 10,000 transitioning military servicemembers and civilians

o ensured the equipment readiness and serviceability of 24 tents at Camp Roberts

o enhanced the quality of life and mission readiness of personnel moving through theater

o initiated 9 building repairs; improved standard of living for Soldiers

o ensured building was occupied at all times, saved the Army $$$ in unnecessary orders

o authored an emergency repair POC list for coordinating emergency repairs

o escorted maintenance contractors; ensured timely repairs to ensure room availability

o conducted daily preemptive inspections; diligent efforts ensured system support and reliable mission generation

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