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Career Counseler NCOER Bullets

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Career Counselor NCOER Bullets

o optimized personnel resources; readied the service for growth and mission accomplishment

o his expertise in the areas of Soldier benefits, re-enlistment entitlements, and retirement options greatly improved the career quality of numerous Soldiers in the unit

o achieved 100% retention in Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories in the first quarter of the year, a division first!

o assisted Soldiers with retention obstacles, corrected or overcame all retention issues

o as Retention NCO, assisted his/her 1SG with retention interviews resulting in an over 90% extension rate among eligible Soldiers

o exceeded both FY 15 and FY 16 IRR and reenlistment mission in all categories while simultaneously performing Area Leader duties

o focused on Soldier care; helping them advance is utmost in her priorities

o her ability to meet mission and end strength objectives places her in the highest calibre of professional Soldiers

o completed the FY14 Retention mission with 100% or more in Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories in the second quarter

o set high goals and achieved them while providing quality leadership to her peers and subordinates during Annual Training at CBJTC

o as the Charlie company retention NCO, guided and advanced the careers of over 450 Soldiers

o kept the Recruiting and Retention Battalion in compliance with regulatory guidance and contractual obligations

o demonstrated true Army values that bring credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army

o his compassion and advocacy for Soldiers and his sacrifice of personal time to meet their needs significantly improved unit and individual morale

o worked numerous on and off-duty hours planning and coordinating the Career Day which brought in over 300 soldiers

o achieved Warrant Officer selection for 80% of assigned in the first four warrant Officer boards

o first Career Counselor in the Division to successfully complete the FY Retention mission with 100% or more in Initial, Mid-career, and Career categories in the second quarter of the year

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