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Combatives Instructor NCOER Bullets

Soldiers receiving combatives training

o selected to be the garrison combatives instructor for 3rd ID Division

o supervised an adaptive Combatives special population program for 48 Garrison Soldiers; resulted in a 83% APFT Pass rate

o planned and led the Battalions Combatives Program; 83 Soldiers trained and certified on Level II Combatives

o implemented a cardio boxing program for the Battalion; trained 12 Officers and 39 Soldiers on boxing fundamentals

o ran the first successful Level 1 Modern Army Combatives Program in 3rd Battalion

o trained and certified 16 indivduals; enhanced the units war fighting capabilities

o developed a Battalion Combatives program; produced seven Level 2 certified Soldiers and 176 Level 1 certified Soldiers

o ensured 100% accountability of all Company property as well as completion of all administrative work

o planned, resourced, and executed nine Combatives level 1 classes and three level two classes

o conducted over 380 hours of combatives instruction, certifiying 189 Soldiers as the Battalion's primary combatives instructor

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