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Dispatcher NCOER Bullets

o created priority matrix for assigning vehicles to tasks; reduced delivery delays by 75%

o optimized finite vehicle resources by matching capacity to tasks and increased on time availability by 50%

o synchronized driver and vehicle availability with mission requirements

o teamed with tentant unit to share transportation burden; reduced unit costs while expanding capacity

o assisted in the management of ISA Air base, Bahrain Transportation shop

o ensured 122 Army owned and AVIS leased vehicles, which supported five tenant commands, were operationally ready at all times

o streamlined weekly trip ticket tracking documentation resulting in increased accuracy

o tracked scheduled maintenance and insurance expiration; foresight resulted in 25% reduction in unavailabilty

o maintained scheduled maintenance and records for over 10 million dollars worth of organic and augmented Civil Engineer equipment

o increased the availability of equipment for critical disaster relief missions and active training evolutions

o maintained unit readiness by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring required supplies are on hand for PMIS

o managed the safe movement and transport of over 1,000 Soldiers during 88 operations and exercises

o oversaw the safe execution of 66 ammunition handling operations and 77 training evolutions with a flawless safety record

o demonstrated uncommon bearing and sound judgement while coordinating with the Battalion's vehicle operators and convoy commanders

o maintained an accurate field dispatch log for over 300 trip events despite not having access to the Transportation Planning Tool

o accomplished over 40 logistics support missions to 55th ADA and 100 internal trips without a single delay caused by improperly dispatched operators

o managed the actions and locations of 29 drivers while simultaneously monitoring 43 security cameras and intrusion detection systems during heightened threat conditions

o coordinated and optimized the resources of Security Forces, Fire, and Medical emergency response assets for over 400 service calls

o responded to critical HAZMAT spill; dispatched appropriate team; on site in less than 30 minutes; praised by Regional Operational Assessment Team

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