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Escort NCOER Bullets

Security Escort

o acted as security escort; streamlined and facilitated visits by outside agencies

o best escort ever; protected operations by preventing access or observation by unauthorized personnel

o provided security for Operation Atlantic Resolve training; was instrumental in the successful training of both nations

o enforced security protocols during 5-month construction project; prevented compromise of classified material

o assumed responsibility for security; allowed team to focus on day-to-day work with confidence

o team player; accepted escort duties although over-qualified and excelled at access management

o embraced unpopular duty; escorted contractors during upgrade; increased ability to work, project concluded ahead of schedule

o as security escort, identified overlooked gaps in security and participated in resolution; increased OPSEC

o reviewed and revised security escort procedures; surveillance now conducted with same efficiency but half the number of Soldiers

Protocol Escort

o performed escort duties during 101st ABN change of command; military tradition upheld

o escorted spouses during graduation dinner; improved morale for squadron's military members and families

o worked as an escort or liaison with civilian media; facilitated visits and introductions to key personnel

o as ranking NCO, left the security of his vehicle while under fire, and escorted VIPs out of the contact area to safety

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