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Force Protection Citations

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Force Protection NCO NCOER Bullets

o coordinated the installation defense measures for five joint bases, 7,000 personnel and 80 aircraft

o implemented strict security measures for DVs including the King of Jordan to KASOTC

o provided flawless security for 220 personnel, a fuel farm, flight line and all goverment property within the camp

o orchestrated the installation of six bunkers, four mass casualty kits and a camp-wide emergency brodcast system which met all security inspection requirements

o assisted with the completion of 77 work orders and 80 daily convoys ensuring mission success

o stood up the Area of Operations Threat Working Group to develop countermeasures to protect personnel and resources

o served an essential role in Base Security and Force Protection Operations at facilites in Konduz, Afghanistan

o assisted Afghanistan Army commandos with their weapon systems; made them more proficient and combat effective

o supervised the Force Protection Team, Squad Leaders and Sergeant of the Guard in managing and leading the QRF Team on the night shift

o volunteered as an MRAP Truck Commander for Internal & External Perimeter Patrols, as well as Brushback missions in and around Victory Base Complex

o stood duty as Security Guard separately and randomly in four assigned perimeter wall towers around VBC

o he maintained continuous accountability of QRF vehicles, radios and sensitive items


o served as the Friendly Ground Forces NCOIC; trained 13 Attack Weapons Teams and one Fire Support Officer in conducting close combat attacks

35X5P2S Anti-Terrorism Officer

o meticulously developed training scenarios that reflected real-World AT/FP threats in support of the annual Ikaika ATEX

o successfully lead in Brigade level planning and facilitation of the annual Garrison HUREX earning high accolades from various, joint inter-island agencies

o relentlessly pursued the refurbishment of the Brigade's AT/FP program resulting in a commendable rating during the INSCOM Organization Inspection Program

Force Protection NCO

o assembled and placed 36 sodium lights across Camp West Liberty, greatly improved the visibility and safety of Soldiers and mission

o screened over 2000 third country nationals and over 1000 vehicles for improvised explosive devices, weapons, and other contraband to ensure security of the Sea Port of Debarkation, Kuwait

o responded to multiple stand-up notifications within one hour, ensuring all Soldiers were prepared, equipped, and ready to deploy

o emplaced force protection concrete barriers on continually expanding perimeter, occupying and reclaiming territory and increasing safety buffer zone

o provided force protection and security while supporting the Navy contingent and was instrumental in securing over $1.5 billion worth of United States and Coalition Forces equipment

o expertly supported numerous missions for deploying units while participating in numerous CPX, MRX, MDMP, BCST training events

o represented Bn, attended unit Anti-Terrorism Working Group meetings to plan and develop anti-terrorism measures for Joint Base Balad and tenant units

o organized and participated in over 50 daily force protection patrols which increased the security and safety of Camp Arifjan

o provided over 500 hours of force protection and defensive operations; enabled unhindered Remotely Piloted Aircraft operations in support of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa

o adhered to 50 Random Antiterrorism Measures; denied and diminished terrorist threats and fortified the protection of over $500 million worth of DoD and AFRICOM infrastructure

o spent countless hours reviewing lines of communication and sight along the 6.5 kilometer perimeter and between guard positions; ensured compound was impenetrable from every angle

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