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Health and Welfare Inspection NCOER Bullets

o participated in morale/health/wellness inspection of barracks; confiscated illegal items and enhanced safety

o established and enforced guidelines; wrote 7 directives and 2 permanent policies; defined roles and expectations

o led team during "health and welfare" inspection; confiscated unauthorized items, ensured safety of all barracks occupants

o thorough inspector; conducted regular barracks room inspections; ensured safe and productive living environment

o trained 4 barracks inspectors from two brigades to work in sync to ensure adherence to standards, discipline

o required inspection team to show consideration and courtesy to all ranks and deference to night shift workers; reduced complaints by 50%

o identified 3 unauthorized occupants, had them banned from Post, restored security and privacy for barracks occupants

o enforced noise ordinance; facilitated rest, sleep or study for Soldiers and a restive environment; key factor in personnel readiness

o team leader for health and welfare inspection, ensured compliance with regulations, promoted security, safety and well-being of over 200 Soldiers

o performed unannounced inspection monthly; ensured healthy living conditions and a reasonable standard of living

o recognized superior performance, developed Best Room Award to reward compliance with barracks rules

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