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Liaison NCO NCOER Bullets

o clearly presented organic unit show stoppers; represented local interests, prevented failures on exercise deployment

o attended Air Force hotwash to gain insight into sister unit concerns and problems

o authored best after action reports seen to date; prepared Company for success in future joint endeavors

o coordinated with all supporting elements to prepare for field operations; food, power, and lodging all available on schedule

o established MOA between our unit and Air Force and obtained required transport as needed

o facilitated the growth of a key international relationship and improved training for Jordanian staff and NCOs

o briefed Air Force and Navy staff members on special ops movement requirements and procedures, received better, on-time service

o ensured the safe transport of more than 50,000 dollars worth of sensitive equipment into theater

o kept leadership abreast of ISR impacts to operations allowing time for alternate support plans

o directly responsible for the planning and execution of over 25 training events specific to ACP

o contacted comm and power generation shops and arranged mutual notification of training events, prevented future support conflicts

o obtained detailed reports on aircrew safety rules and passed to ground units reducing loading delays and confusion

o managed multiple training events simultaneously and was major factor is Annual Training success

o doubled available mess hall support due to longe range planning and attention to detail

o powered the success of the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of over 2,000 Soldiers as the Brigade entered and exited theater in support of combat operations

o selected as Liaison Officer to the CJOC where he conducted daily briefings to all participating units

o advised CDR on all matters relating to tactical and non-tactical operations, training, logistics and readiness

o shared his operational knowledge and experience as a Division G3 NCO with incoming Officers and G3 Mission Support Element staff

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