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MOS 12 Engineering NCOER Bullets

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o served as Battalion Dispatcher supporting operations for units in the Horn of Africa

o maintained continuous control of and the integrity of 88 pieces of CESE

o tracked 3,199 miles of CESE movements and oversaw over 2,000 gallons of fuel consumed

o ensured all assigned personnel were trained on emergency procedures


o scouted requirements as a member of the Camp Dodge advance party and established the convoy route

o as advance party, secured barracks, drew linen, inventoried and evaluated vehicles and performed range reconnaisance

o accompanied the unit to AT at Camp Dodge where he managed the fuel section for the distribution platoon

o supervised 3 Soldiers and the delivery of 4,000 gallons of fuel to support operations

o managed fueling operations at multiple sites during IDT, dispensing 2,200 gallons of fuel

Power Station Electrician

o trained non-prime power soldiers on mission essential tasks performed during field operations; indispensable to Cobra Gold success


o conducted tactical military training for his squad members on warrior tasks and battle drills; poised to win best squad competition

o operated 10-ton in transporting equipment to and from training site; facilitated vital training for Bn

Real Estate Advisor

o obtained rights to conduct operations on foreign soil; vital to Operation Resolute Support and national goals

o provided timely responses to numerous real estate inquires for over 30 nations

Equipment Operator

o cleared over 20 acres of woods with the D7 dozer to build a forward operating base at fort Polk

o constructed two types of tank defilades, both below ground and above ground, to facilitate tank maneuverability

o assisted with completion of medical staff holding area; rennovated living quarters and dug trenches for plumbing pipes

o trained peers in Dozer operations which increased effectiveness of RCP 2's Route Clearance Operations

o aided numerous maintenance and repair projects that kept the roads open and traffic flowing on RMTC

o as Kalmar operator, transported over 70 pieces of equipment and provided exceptional support to the CRSYARD

o hauled over 100 truck loads of soil; loaded 300 trucks with soil with a 2 1/2 loader

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