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o led Soldiers in missions ranging from combat operations in Iraq to funeral honors for fellow service members

o awarded AAM for assisting in refuel operations outside of his primary MOS

o served honorably in Bosnia, Iraq, and Horn of Africa

o as Weapons Team Leader, led multiple team and squad live fires, 2 OPFOR rotations to Fort McCoy and Fort Polk

o represented Headquarters, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command at the 7th ADA Soldier of the Month Board

o supervised 2 NTC rotations, handling multiple duties with exceptional outcomes

o supported msn as ECP Shift Leader, TOC NCOIC, NBC Instructor and gun truck commander

o trained all Soldiers on emergency procedures, updated and posted evacuation procedures for all Companies

o selected over peers to participate in Machine Gun Academy, Panther Focus and squad competition

o ensured all BII items for more than 60 pieces of equipment were accounted for and laid out for inspection

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