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o worked during his day off to ensure network connectivity for Main Body 1 arrivals

o maintained the DVB-RCS system at FOB Chapman, delivering 99.9% uptime on satellite feeds

o stepped up to hold the S6 position and ensure Soldiers had the necessary training and materials to accomplish the mission

o solved issues with user accounts as well as system and printer issues, making the sections operational

o embodied professionalism and commitment to mission accomplishment by ensuring that his assigned equipment, the STT and BnCPN was properly accounted for and maintained to 10/20

o used every opportunity to train his fellow Soldiers in the communication field using his own time to fabricate gear as necessary

o as the Forward Signal Support NCO for 7th Cavalry, he maintained over a million dollars worth of communications equipment and was responsible for the training and readiness of over 30 communications platforms

o aided immeasurably in providing SIPR access during a critical S6 meeting when no one had scheduled it; saved hours of work and several trips back to Caserma Ederle

o his dedication to the Soldiers and his job ensured the unit was prepared for any mission at a moments notice

o installed SINCGARS into 9 M1151 HMMWVs, 2 M1097s and 1 M1078A1, ensuring FM communications throughout the Brigade's span of operations

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