MOS 35N Signals Intelligence Analyst


o developed a meticulous and detailed tracking system; improved the section's ability to plan for daily mission and exercises

o conducted multiple training events with military police to increase law enforcement abilities across the installation

o leveraged his knowledge of tactical SIGINT to effectively train newly activated SIGINT soldiers in XXX MI BN


CPL was selected above his peers to instruct a third-party nation's SIGINT element on EUCOM provided SIGINT collection equipment. CPL trained one officer, one NCO, and three Soldiers on processing foreign shipborne threat communications. CPL's expertise greatly enhanced the partner nation s SIGINT processing, exploitation, and dissemination capability by modernizing their existing analytical and reporting processes. These efforts provide a unique SIGINT access for the U.S. into the Black Sea.

o served as the primary instructor for two Mode-1 Ground Signal Terminal Guidance Operator courses

o developed and instructed the Mode-1 curriculum; certified 20 personnel from joint agencies

o researched, produced, and presented a briefing on the potential costs and benefits of a Low Level Voice Intercept team and their equipment

o conducted hands-on training on the required maintenance and deployment of the Wolfhound and PRD-13 man-portable Signals Intelligence System

o oversaw Low Level Voice Intercept operations for the 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade

o produced over 100 Intelligence Information Reports; answered Task Force Gunner and Task Force Ready First's Priority Intelligence Requirements

o provided Task Force Commanders with an elevated sense of situational awareness

o deployed the First Brigade Combat Team's SIGINT assets to two Combat Training Center rotations and two multi-echelon field exercises

Signals Intelligence NCOIC

o provided round-the-clock Counter Intelligence for Force Protection and A Co. 325 Military Intelligence Battalion

o identified the location of three weapons caches (13 80mm Russian rockets and 4 anti-tank mines) in Babil Province Iraq

o named numerous individuals known for suspicious activity during Key Leader Engagements to prepare and protect 1st Squadron 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment

o conducted multiple forensics exploitation actions when COS Kalsu received VBIED threat and local nationals were detained at our ECP

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