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MOS 36/Finance NCOER Examples

36B30/SR Account Analyst

o organized the disposal of over 8,600 pounds of outdated sensitive documents allowing the WIARNG to meet regulatory stipulations for document retention

36B/Budget Analyst

o sought out for his financial management expertise which significantly benefited the command in forecasting and managing critical resources

Financial Management NCO

o developed and revised numerous administrative and training documents which prevented finacial oversights

o exceeded the Defense Finance and Accounting System standard of 98% accuracy with a 99.4% accuracy rating for six continuous months

o stood up and operated the Military Pay Section during Annual Warriors' Training in Milan

DTS Administrator

o Defense Travel System (DTS) Administrator for one year handling more than 6,000 accounts

o personally audited more than 15 DTS personnel sites in Army units located in TX, NM, AZ, OK and AR

o tracked over 1500 Out of Service Debt and Claims cases ranging from $200.00 to $200,000.00 and ensured DFAS customers' problems were corrected

Customer Service

o scored 293 on pt test

o very organized, kept the S-1 section very orderly and kept track of personnel actions

o ensured that over 8,000 Soldiers within the 6th ASG were properly paid

o coordinated all S1 and admin actions, completed all Bn administrative paperwork prior to deployment

o trained unit pay personnel in the proper USARC required pay proceedures

Financial Analyst

o audited all disbursing training packets that were distributed during the Diamond Saber 2013 exercise

Pay Accounts Manager

o chosen to assist War College finance personnel with the annual in-processing of over 500 students

o ensured all accounts were settled monthly and pay was processed in a timely manner

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