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MOS 38B Civil Affairs Specialist NCOER Examples


o led 2 combined training events with the Philippine Army Civil Military Operations School improving the capacity of over 100 CMO students

o dedicated personal time to helping fellow CA NCO improve their Combined Information Data Network Exchange report production quality

o endless commitment to improving language proficiency resulting in his effectively communicating with indigenous population in the Philippines

Civil Affairs Specialist

o assisted in emergency evacuation of sensitive items from unit when forest fire got too close to the unit's reserve center in Santa Barbara

o developed a curriculum for the sharing of best practices that the Mil-Mil CMO Team used while engaging with the Ugandan People's Defense Forces and the Tanzanian People's Defense Forces

o eliminated the insider threat and ensured the security and safety of the Afghan Advise and Assist Element and the Afghan National Army

o his outstanding performance and dedication to duty was a major factor to the success of the Mil-Mil CMO Team

o aided in the development of an SOP for the ANA Religious Cultural Advisor and proper implementation of inform messaging

o increased the cooperation and transition with the Security Force Advise and Assist Team and the Afghan National Army

Operations NCO

o professionally planned and orchestrated training during annual training for over 200 457th Civil Affairs Battalion Soldiers and its subordinate units in FY 10

o helped joint public affairs staff prepare for inspection and achieved an "Excellent" in Records Management

o established and maintained VSAT, Blue Force Tracker and tactical communications throughout the deployment

Team Sergeant

o as acting CA Team Chief for DST Zormat, Afghanistan, he arranged numerous Key Leader Engagements (KLEs) with province governors

o served as the Contracting Rep; ensured contractors complied with all aspects of the contracts, phases were completed on schedule, and no additional costs

o revived a failing high visibility project when the project's sponsor could not support it, brought electricity to outer city

o contributed immensely to the mission of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Mosul, Iraq during Operation New Dawn

o improved operational procedures within the PRT that enabled increased collaboration between the Departments of State, Justice, USAID, the Corps of Engineers and the DoD

Civil Affairs NCO

o synchronized civil military operations within the Slovenians, Italians and Army Civil Affairs detachment

o developed a successful women's initiative program through PRT Farah

o stepped up to lead the Joint Task Force Civil Support public affairs directorate on numerous occasions during deployment to Op NOBLE EAGLE

o played a vital part in uploading all CIM data to the UROC server

o integral to the support of the Bosnian military to military state partnership program

o familiarized Bosnian military with chemical, biological and radiological tactics, effects and response

o increased communications dramatically during key leader engagements using his language skills

o identified an SOP that did not comply with CJTF-HOA policy and gained permission from chain of command to revise the documents

o earned the trust and confidence of all officials participating in Key Leader Engagements and ensured team success


o increased security clearance numbers to 95%

o provided intelligence oversight for the entire command as well as serving as the CACOM Security Manager


o assumed team chief responsibilities during Combined Resolve II

o led CAT 732 during eight Key Leader Engagement missions which increased convoy and traveling safety

o capitalized on his knowledge of Civil Affairs and combat experience to establish a CMOC which was key to the success of 12 international militaries


o managed the emergency evacuation of sensitive items from Santa Barbara unit as uncontrolled forest fire approached, saved over $500K worth of equipment, preserved mission readiness


o served as head SGI during 2 CSTC iterations and 2 Operation WHITE KNIGHTs; produced 30 CSTC-qualified NCOs

o instructed Medical Profiency Classes as well as Combat Lifesaver Tasks to 9 Afghan LNOs; fatalities reduced 50%

o achieved outstanding results with limited resources

o constructed realistic training exercises for Civil Affairs line companies deploying to the Horn of Africa

o developed several IO training topics and courses for ANA IO officers for enhancement

o served as instructor and evaluator for the CAQC (USAR) PH1 and PH2 courseware

o taught professional military development classes to Pakistan Military Liaison Officers, including Land Navigation, Map Reading and Military Acronyms and Symbols

o facilitated training of 33 reserve component Soldiers in the Civil Affairs Qualification Course (CAQC)

Survey Team Chief

o identified weaknesses and strengths in the Kosovar Civil Protection Regiment

o developed expedient solutions to identified weaknesses, preserved peace

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