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89A - Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist

o planned, orchestrated the movement of all SSO equipment and classified documents resulting in minimal down time for the G2 SSO offices

o displayed excellent abilities as a vehicle operator during the ATHP training

o logged over 80 hours of accident free operation in various vehicles and conducted missions in support of the 3/1 CAV gunnery training

o attention to detail helped to ensure that all vehicles were maintained at 100% operational readiness through diligent command maintenance procedures

o she was an important member of the Ammunition Transfer Holding Point (ATHP) guard force at TRAPNELL ATP

o provided 100% security for ammunition vehicles in the ATHP

o maintained over $1,000,000 worth of government equipment

o escorted drivers to their pick up and drop locations without incident

o maintained communications with range control to ensure the protection of over $3 million worth of Category III and Category IV munitions

89B - Ammunition Specialist

Ammunition Specialist

o his determination, foresight and fierce commitment to the mission ensured the successful refueling of 14 aircraft

o aided in pumping over 10,000 liters of JP8 fuel to keep exercise on schedule leading to best Aerial Gunnery ever for 1-3 ARB

o transported 250,000 rounds of standard ammunition and 700 rounds of pyrotechnics in support of sister units conducting CREW ground mount qualifications and in preparation for additional training during the AT period

o moved a total of 550 short tons of munitions worth an estimated $20 million dollars, a company record

o provided unwavering and tireless support in his duties as an 89B for Bravo Company

o selected as Ammo Supply Specialist for the special forces FARP because of his experience in assisting with refueling operations

o standout among peers; took on supervision of over 100 ammunition inventories to assist in scheduled inventories and ASP mantainance

o arranged storage points and the proper placement of munitions in accordance with NEW and blast radius during Table 18

o instrumental in the shipment of over 800,000 rounds of ammunition to Bahgram, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom OEF

o developed a "can do" attitude and addiction to excellence; her desire to succeed fostered a competitive working environment

o issued 25 separate DODICs totaling over $5,000,000 while working in the issue and turn-in area

o processed ammunition requests, turned in ammunition , and established transport operating procedures ensuring safety and mission accomplishment

o maintained accountability of over 200,500 rounds valued at over $125,000

Ammunition Manager

o identified new tasks and eliminated training gaps during the 89B Critical Task Site Selection Board

o aided in the development of and implementation of new critical tasks to better train future generations of Ammunition Specialists

o received a 100% commendable rating on the FCOE Safety inspection

o processed the turn-in of over 1 million dollars worth of live ammunition, 2 tons of residue, and 300 expenditure documents to keep property books accurate

o played a key role in the success of the Brigade's training mission

o deployed as Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar Sense and Warn Team Leader to Multinational Division Center South

o assembled and activated reserve Counter Mortar Radar when power was lost to TOC restoring FOC in minutes

o accomplished paperwork to ensure 2-214 FA was the first battalion to complete handover of ammunition property books from TF Bastogne

o volunteered to maintain the squad HMMWV winning "Best M998 of the Quarter" for the past three quarters

o maintained his level of fitness scoring over 290 points on all APFTs

o demonstrated combat prowess by scoring expert on his assigned M4 and the M240B

o issued over 2 million dollars worth of ammunition to 3 Batteries at 6 FOBs/COBs across 20 miles of austere terrain without incident

o ran the bn ammunition supply point, excelling at the operation, safety, and organization required for the M2 range

o coordinated ammunition policy changes with all battery Commanders as they occurred to maintain readiness

89D - Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist

EOD Team Leader

o provided crucial EOD support to the U.S. Secret Service for the protection of POTUS during APEC and the Presidential holiday vacation

o trained 200 deploying Soldiers on IED awareness and enemy TTPs, enhancing their knowledge on explosive safety, greatly increasing the survival skills

o planned and executed 43 EOD missions, disposing of 553 pounds of unstable UXOs without damage to property or loss of life

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