91G - Fire Control Repairer NCOER Bullets

o revised the shop external and internal SOP to eliminate errors

o played major role in the turn-in of $100,000 in small arms parts


o performed all duties above expectations and continually exceeded standards; and extremely competent NCO

o sought out by peers and superiors daily for operational guidance as well as MOS career development of Soldiers

o displayed the highest level of professional competence in execution of his duties


o always presents a strong confident manner

o conduct and appearance both on and off duty motivated others to follow his example

o disciplined Soldiers in attitude and appearance; a positive image for Soldiers to emulate


o selflessly provided assistance to superiors, subordinates and peers

o stimulated individual growth and responsibility of junior Soldiers; an avid educator

o continuously displayed a "can do" mission-first attitude and unquestionable devotion to duty


o demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills to handle complex tasks

o shared his technical and tactical knowledge; a great instructor to the Soldiers

o his expert knowledge and insight were irreplaceable during critical training events


o always made sound and timely decisions in the absence of orders; took responsibility for his decisions

o insured section's vehicles were always serviceable and fully operational

o aggressively sought increased responsibility; could be relied on to achieve superior results with minimal supervision

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