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Property Book Officer (PBO)

o coordinated logistics operations within the brigade while simultaneously managing equipment fielding and turn-ins for external higher-level partners

o aided in standardizing ULLS-S4 procedures for the BDE

o led the Retrograde team in recovering and bringing to record over 150 million dollars of U.S. army property

o facilitated the reduction of over $8 million worth of excess equipment since becoming PBO

o ensured 100% accountability of all equipment valued at over 5 million dollars

o stored and issued 20 million dollars of ready-to-fight aviation assets to the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions

o coordinated procurement, storage and issue of complex logistical requirements and resources for 1,000 Soldiers

o supported the Army Campaign on Property Accountability by reexamining all past practices

o developed a tracking program for civilian-issued weapons with a 100% return rate and 100% accountability resulting in zero errors during the AAA audit of her section's property book

o successfully deployed and redeployed $500,000 million dollars in equipment

o oversaw 5 unit Change of Commands and property book exchanges for 7 deploying units

o updated property book after more than two years of non-adequate reporting, produced an accurate inventory and garnered an "A" rating for the unit inspection

o leads by example and encourages accuracy in record keeping

o provided vital expertise as the interim PBO and timely processed transactions for over 100 personnel; vital to operations

o maintained complete accountability of all supplies, records, and sensitive items

o closed down three Tactical Sensitive Compartmented Facilities (TSCIF) and recovered all accountable equipment and crypto

o maintained diligent responsibility for all of the main body's supply needs

o maintained accountability of BN equipment spread across 3 countries (Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia)

o turned over TPE items during a TOA

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