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Schools NCO NCOER Examples

o conducted 256 ATTRS transactions, ensured the BN was 100% DMOSQ, planned, coordinated and executed over 8 training events without zero discrepancies

o determined the training requirements of over 316 Soldiers assigned to Recruiting and Retention Command during rated time

o maintained zero school no-shows while sending 121 Soldiers to 41 different schools through diligent coordination with leaders and subordinate HQ's

o filled 91 training seats in ATTRS that were sub quota sourced resulting in a 98% training execution rate

o provided support to all sections in the WTU as a DTS entry agent resulting in 100% accountability of all outstanding FY14 travel orders and vouchers

o balanced school attendance with unit readiness and kept manning at 80% or above at all times

o established the Maneuver Enhancement Brigade Schools and DTMS programs

o involved platoon sergeants with assigning school attendance priority to Soldiers, reinforcing the chain of comand

o took the lead in the preparation and execution of all ATEX operational requirements that related to Anti-Terrorism activities

o combined schools and TDYs when possible to save over $30,000 in airfare

Fort Campbell main gate

o kept Soldiers and NCOs informed of school schedule and avoided exercise conflicts

o designed, implemented and monitored a comprehensive Brigade schools allocation table resulting in 100% utilization of available MACOM allocations

o assisted with many other training requirements, increasing the deployment readiness of DET 1 and its Soldiers

o placed over 1,500 eligible Soldiers into over 100 different Army schools with less than 1% qual rejects

o matched key personnel with required schools and maintained the unit's ability to perform its wartime mission by staggering attendance

o processed over 1100 applications for schools, from Initial Entry Training to Senior Service College

o maintained the highest professional service for leaders and Soldiers within the Command

o secured many school slots that are required for deployment but very rarely available

o volunteered for additional duties: ATRRS, DTMS and TAMIS programs

o coordinated and arranged ROK Ranger School train-up to build relations with allies

o developed and implemented a training tracking system that was a catalyst to the company maintaining a 95% deployable readiness rate

o prepared nine Soldiers and five NCOs for military career enhancing schools with coaching, mentorship and leadership

o demonstrated proficiency in the use of automated systems; became the DTMS trainer for the company and trained three NCOs

o coordinated company assets for multiple Battalion and Brigade level taskings with a 100% success rate

o developed a platoon training requirement tracking system which identified school shortfalls and assigned priorities to Soldiers

o planned and arranged attendance of all schools, weapon ranges, and pre-deployment training requirements for five subordinate units within the Battalion

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