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o he often asked for clarification on difficult subject matter to promote learning for fellow class mates as well as managing after hour study hall

o seized every opportunity to gain experience and expand his knowledge; returned with noticeable increase in skill

o showed ability to surpass conventional thought and consistently projected a professional attitude and appearance

o demonstrated a distinct leadership potential in a group setting

o implemented an aggressive study plan that delivered unprecedented results

o set the standard for all of his classmates to emulate

o graduated WLC, acquired supervisory skills, prepared for future challenges

o completed NCOA, Warrior Leaders Course (WLC), (CLASS 004-15), gained valuable leadership experience

o SPC Turner facilitated communication with peers and increased teamwork and cohesion during WLC

o completed the Warrior Leader Course at the top of his class; broadened professional competency

o her technical competence and devotion to duty served as an example to her peers

o completed WLC course of study; expanded knowledge and amplified supervisory skills

o his calm and reasonable demeanor helped identify problem areas during training and solve them

o attended Warrior Leader Course 14-004, exceeded course standards, expanded management ability

o attended BNCOC, received an "EXCEEDED COURSE STANDARDS", returned to unit and inspired team

o maintained a 96% grade point average and made first time GOs on all his evaluations

o received a Superior rating on Leadership Skills on DA 1059 Service School Academic Evaluation Report

o singled himself out as a positive motivator and a role model for the others students to follow

o demonstrated a highly motivated attitude and set the example for others to follow

o implemented an aggressive study plan and used her spare time accordingly

o excelled in all evauated areas with minimal instruction

o strove continuously to strengthen and refine his professional effeciveness

o gave his own time to help other students with problems

o displayed leadership and maturity exceeding that expected of a Sergeant

o SPC Kaye was put in many leadership positions while attending the Warrior Leaders Course including Team Leader, Squad Leader and 1SG

o identified training friction points and took on more than his fair share of the burden to resolve them

o completed the Advanced Leader Course, Common Core (DL) in 23 days, significantly exceeded course standard of 90 days

o demonstrated Superior Written Communications, Oral Communications, Leadership Skills and Contribution to Group Work

o graduated WLC with honors; exceeded course standards, earned 8 superior ratings on evaluations, ending the course on Commandant's List with a final GPA of 96.4%

o her ability to communicate with peers during WLC reinforced her team's performance and made her the de facto leader

o maintained a 99.5 GPA with superior ratings in Leadership, Written Communication, Oral Communication, and Research Ability

o selected as the Distinguished Honor Graduate for exceeding the course standards set forth by the 92A Advanced Leader Course at Ft Lee, Virginia

o exceeded course standards during Warrior Leader Course 002-14; increased professional growth and skill

o completed ALC, reinforced Army Values and bolstered Soldier Skills

o helped support the day-to-day operations of the Special Warfare courses and aided in admin section operations

o he continuously set an example for others to follow by maintaining a neat appearance and showing the utmost respect to all NCOs and officers

o aided his peers in training during IBOLC FTXs, emerged as future leader

o benefited from receiving expert Combative training as well as promotion points for completing the 40-hour Combative Level 1 class

o set the standard for all of his classmates to emulate

o his hardwork, can-do attitude and commitment to excellence resulted in her being selected for Commandants List

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