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Victim Advocate NCOER Examples

o provided senior leaders with strategic guidance, training plans, current initiatives and way-ahead

o protected victims by providing care and treatment

o ensured awareness of victim advocacy issues

o served as the brigade Victim Advocate supporting 900 Soldiers and their families

o served as Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

o supported initial and on-going investigations and victims during legal or court hearings

o arranged and provided sexual assault prevention training for 100% of assigned personnel

o conducted annual sexual assault training and pre-deployment sexual assault training

o protected and ensured the privacy of Soldier under restricted reporting

o served as liaison between the victim and service providers

o treated victims of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault with dignity and respect

o provided round-the-clock support until hand-off to the installation Victim Advocate

o eliminated obstacles to workplace safety and harmony

o coordinated with command team and IG to ensure discipline

o provided guidance and information to sexual assault victims

o updated HQ on status monthly

o briefed the command on the status of victim services

o facilitated an environment that rejects sexual harassment/assault and attitudes that encourage such behavior

o facilitated monthly case status updates

o counseled leaders on their role and responsibility under the SHARP program

o ensured the sensitive and comprehensive treatment to restore victim's health and confidence

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