MOS 255N Network Systems Technician

MOS 255N is comprised of feeder occupational specialties: All MOSs (Must have 4 years IT experience IAW prerequisites)

o assessed communications infrastructure readiness; ensured zero interruptions to the Nation's $34B Space Based Infrared System and the global strategic and theater missile detection and warning missions

o troubleshot the WIN-T/JNN 66320 and restored within 90 minutes; resulted in an operational communications system providing high-speed, interoperable voice and data communications

o set up a SIPR NIPR ACCESS POINT (SNAP) within 45 minutes of arrival; provided immediate, secure communications to three countries and facilitated the success of Allied Spirit 8 (AS8)

o established network control throughout the brigade; allowed consistent rendering of SIPRNET services, resulting in overall mission success with all adjacent units

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