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The Assessement block of the counseling form is filled out by the rater at some reasonable point of time after the counseling was conducted. The purpose of the assessment block is to document whether the counseling was successful. It would be impossible to conclude whether counseling for being late was successful after only one day. The length of time a person should wait before filling in this block depends on the type of counseling.

For being late, allow 30 days. For insubordination, allow 30 days. A month is a sufficient length of time to judge the effect of just about any type of counseling.

This block is often neglected by the rater because normally, after the counseling session, the Soldier realizes his mistake and takes steps to improve his behavior. And no further action is necessary. Mission accomplished.

But, to complete the counseling process, this block should be filled in, especially when preparing evidence of negative behavior.


As discussed during November's counseling session, PVT Collier registered new dependent in DEERS and is ahead of schedule in training. He has worked out a payment schedule with the bank that will prevent future problems.

SPC Sullivan has not received any other tickets.

SPC Jones has completed the Family Care Plan package and is ready for deployment. In addition, her preemptive efforts have provided an unexpected confidence in her ability to meet her obligations to the Army and a corresponding increase in morale and motivation.

SGT Smith was relieved of responsibility for the lost equipment due to his complete documentation of the chain of custody.

SPC Sullivan has not missed any appointments since his initial counseling on 10 April 11 and has developed a method to ensure that he does not miss any in the future. As a military professional, he realizes the importance of integrity and personal responsibility to the unit and the Army.

SPC Smith has not lost his ID card or any other personal items.

SPC Sullivan has recognized the importance of regular grooming and has established a method of ensuring he meets and remains in standards. His appearance has improved and he now exceeds standards. SPC Sullivan's success will undoubtedly carry over into other areas of his career.

SPC Gonzales completed the required training via the ATIA portal and there have been no further lapses of qualificaton.


SGT Derrickson completed the assigned project. He was transferred to another team shortly after the above incident and I do not have any direct interaction or contact with him. His uncooperative conduct does not appear to have changed and he continues to deliver the same lackluster performance. To avoid the appearance of bias, I am not taking any further action at this time.

Despite my almost continuous involvement, SPC Goodman continues to be late at least once a week. I am recommending she be flagged during a period of observation of 90 days.

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