MOS 12M, Firefighter, DA 638 Award Bullets

SPC R is the Soldier with the highest level of motivation within the 736th Firefighting Team (FFTM). His motivation has created a positive environment and has boosted the overall morale of his unit during their Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRX). While leading his team, they had the fastest response time for fire and emergency services.

SPC R has consistently shown that he is capable of performing duties and responsibilities above his assigned position and rank. On multiple occasions during MRX, he was the first to take the initiative in showing effective firefighting techniques to junior enlisted soldiers who are not as experienced in fire and emergency operations.

SPC R has demonstrated flexibility and resiliency while conducting fire and emergency operations. During MRX, without hesitation, he performed multiple tasks such as lead firefighter and conducted search and rescue operations. His adaptability demonstrates the ability to overcome adversity in austere environments.

SPC R went above and beyond the call of duty by being the first Soldier to volunteer for additional tasks, regardless of the size. His willingness to take on and complete tasks during MRX, enabled the overall unit to conduct reset operations and leave the training grounds within a timely manner. His dedication and selfless service demonstrates his qualities as a model Soldier.

SSG Kapp responded to the Pine Canyon fire, facilitating the evacuation of 45 personnel and relocation of over $700,000 worth of assets. SSG Kapp supported the helicopter fire crews located at Lompoc Airport by supplying necessary resources to isolated locations. Additionally, he led efforts to build an emergency Command Post that coordinated and directed fire operations. He also gained access to a secured voltage switching station and helped electricians restore power to the base. Finally, as lead on the Damage Assessment Recover Team, SSG Kapp restored 66 facilities to operation and restored mission readiness.

SGT Perez went above and beyond the call of duty by staying after duty hours to help with a wild land fire in Training Area 25. His attention to detail assisted in providing adequate fire suppression which enabled both civilians and Soldiers the opportunity to escape from harms way. Without his perseverance to stay an additional 48 hours to ensure the task was finished, the fire would not have been contained in accordance with Fort Carson standard operation procedures and additional personnel would have been assigned away from post.

For exceptional dedication and devotion to duty while serving as Battalion Dispatcher supporting operations for units in the Horn of Africa. Sergeant Cox successfully maintained the integrity of 77 pieces of CESE, tracked 3,500 miles of CESE movements and oversaw 5,000 gallons of fuel distributed. As Bravo Company Fire Warden, he ensured 44 personnel were informed and trained on emergency procedures, updated and posted evacuation procedures for all of Bravo Company and performed over 330 safety checks on all fire extinguishers.

During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Cox contributed to the effectiveness and success of the Forces Command mission. While deployed with the Expeditionary Engineer Company at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, he managed 2 million dollars worth of infrastructure crucial to the success of Base Operations. Sergeant Cox managed the construction of the $550,000 Joint Base Balad fire water storage tank. His total management process ensured this critical life safety requirement was completed on time and within budget. In addition, while deployed, Sergeant Cox identified and fearlessly lead a five-man team into hostile fire to evacuate 3 wounded soldiers with zero casualties.

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