MOS 12N Horizontal Construction Engineer Awards

Horizontal Equipment Operator

SPC Vilasona is recognized for the transportation of 11 vehicles and FAS box contents via 1088 over the span of 85 hours during the week of 12 July to 16 July 2021, totaling over 232 miles on short notice. His efforts were instrumental to the successful outload of 27 Engineer Battalion's deployment readiness.

Horizontal Construction Engineer

Specialist Rose's outstanding professional skill, knowledge and leadership aided immeasurably in identifying Improvised Explosive Devices during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. During Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, Specialist Rose trained on and became proficient in numerous positions on the RG-31 up-armored Tactical Vehicle, RG-33 up-armored Tactical Vehicle, and the Panther up-armored Tactical Vehicle. His enthusiastic involvement and superior performance in detecting IEDs saved numerous lives and reflected credit upon him, the 643rd Engineer Company, and the U.S. Army.


During a prolonged deployment, SPC Mobley was very knowledgeable on all heavy equipment, which he helped refresh other soldiers on the controls on each piece of equipment and because of this it made operations run at a safer manner. SPC Mobley volunteered for several details when no else did, like trash detail, water detail, latrine detail, and fuel detail. SPC Mobley's selfless service and personal sacrifice make him a great example for other soldiers to follow. While assigned to the vertical site, SPC Mobley was very knowledgeable on vertical construction, which he took the initiative to give safety briefs to the platoon, which may have prevented serious injury. SPC Mobley's hard work, motivation, and dedication contributed to the Platoon's success on both the vertical site and horizontal site operations.

Team Chief

For exceptionally meritorious service as Team Chief, 22nd Engineer Brigade from 11 November 2011 to 11 April 2013. MSG Truman's astute guidance resulted in excellent engineering support to his battalion during an ARTEP, CAPEX, and a six month construction project. His outstanding management skills ensured continued mission accomplishment by this diverse unit and its consolidated dining facility. His ability to balance his responsibilities as Team Chief, CESO, and Dining Facility Supervisor resulted in maximum readiness for the unit. MSG Truman's performance brings distinct credit upon himself, the 22nd Engineer Brigade, and the United States Army.

Team Leader

SGT Gallardo participated in 42 logistical patrol escort and 33 dedicated route clearance operations, totaling 75 missions and clearing over 5,000 miles in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. As Alpha Team Leader his flawless execution during pre combat checks and inspections ensured this RG31 and Maxpro with above 90% FMC at all times. His concern for his Soldiers safety was paramount thus ensuring that the six Soldiers under his command were fully equipped for combat operations.


PFC Jones' outstanding professional skills and knowledge aided immeasurably in strengthening the security of the outside perimeter of the 803rd Quartermaster Company's RETROSORT YARD. PFC Jones provided security for the FLUOR civilians that work at the RETROSORT YARD as well as the military soldiers. PFC Jones' efforts increased the flow to and efficiency of the entry control point. PFC Jones also took the initiative to patch the holes in the gate along the ECP to prevent enemy surveillance and increase the safety of the units contained with the perimeter.


Sergeant McJunkin demonstrated a great and sustained effort to support the 984 EN CO's missions. He was a key part of the project to position over 1,000 hesco bastions and move over 3,000 cubic yards of soil to fill them within 60 days of arrival at FOB Wolverine. His determined actions and driven performance were vital to the success of the project, increased security of over $1,000,000 in assets, and brought credit to himself, his unit, and the United States Army.

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