MOS 12R, Interior Electrician, DA 638 Award Bullets

Senior Electrician

MSG Tyler attended 14 workgroup meetings and performed a Technical Review of the highly visible Muthanna Providence Friendship Hall $850,000 auditorium. He provided critical electrical oversight for the Task Force Safe program, inspecting 22 facilities, mitigating 18 findings, and coordinating repair of five stations. He also led a team in a week-long inspection of four separate deteriorating power generation systems and drafted a $500,000 Statement of Work to correct deficiencies. His actions afforded future successful Iraqi Air Force operations and kept the project within the Responsible Drawdown of Forces timeline. Master Sergeant Tyler's extraordinary efforts during this period reflect credit upon himself, the U.S. Army Forces Command, and the United States Army.

Interior Electrician

SFC Awesome distinguished himself while serving as the Senior Instructor for 12R10 class 005. SFC Awesome demonstrated to all that he is a professional Soldier, dedicated to excellence in his field of expertise. His untiring efforts and can do attitude testify to his achievements and accolades as an outstanding Soldier of the U.S. Army.

SFC Awesome showed constant concern for all students and cadre safety during the 12R10 Interior Electrican Course by monitoring the work/rest cycle and utilized composite risk management. His dedication to the safety of his students and those around him resulted in him adhering to the correct shop safety procedures and maintaining constant situational awareness thoughout the course. His commitment to safety resulted in zero safety accidents or incidents during the course.

SFC Awesome's willingness to step up to the plate and share his Interior Electrician experiences with all students throughout the course was instrumental in helping all students to grasp a complete understanding being an Interior Electrician. The end results of his actions resulted in all 7 students receiving a GO for final Performance Evaluation "Install a complete electrical system" and being awarded the 12R MOS.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 006, SFC Awesome was recognized by the division quality assurance team for his unsurpassed use and knowledge of ALM and OE in the classroom. SFC Awesome was praised for his vast knowledge and creative implementation techniques. SFC Awesome was assessed by division as performing exceptionally well during his Install Electrical Boxes, Cable and Conduit Systems class. Many of SFC Awesome's ALM techniques and were recognized as sustains for the class.

While serving as Senior Instructor for the 12R10 class 005, SFC Awesome spent countless hours before and after class designing and creating demonstration boards for student to use during class in order to help implement ALM into the classroom. SFC Awesome's creativity and enthusiasm in helping students learn resulted in all 12 students receiving a 1st time GO on the block of instructions for "Installing Electrical Devices".

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