MOS 17C Cyber Operations Awards

During this period, Sergeant Pinkney managed and utilized a 500,000 dollar video teleconference system to present a daily intelligence brief to the agency's Director and other key leaders. He provided a total of 1,400 conferences and 500 hours of global communications support to over 60 internal and external agency sites. In addition, Sergeant Pinkney led the military desktop support team in the creation of 177 network accounts, the resolution of 334 trouble tickets and the restoration of 22 high priority issues. His diligence and dedication to duty reflects great credit upon Cyber Operations and the United States Army

Outstanding achievement while serving as ARC Team Leader, Regional Cyber Center - Pacific (RCC-P), Fort Shafter, Hawaii from 02 January 2015 to 28 February 2017. Staff Sergeant Ponce Servando, while performing duties as RCC-P NETOPS SharePoint Administrator, identified the sudden loss of the USARPAC SharePoint and took immediate action to rebuild a new SIPRnet SharePoint site for the NETOPS Branch. His actions streamlined operations and brought the RCC-P back into full operation in less than 90 minutes. Sergeant Servando achieved this complex task while simultaneously continuing to perform his regular duties. Sergeant Servando's distinctive accomplishments reflect great credit upon himself, the Regional Cyber Center - Pacific, and the United States Army.

For dedicated service while serving as a member of the Cyber Readiness Team in the U.S. Army Forces Command, G-6, G-62, Cybersecurity Branch. Major Fenway provided outstanding support to Army Forces Command's subordinate units. Major Fenway's extensive and relentless efforts ensured all subordinate units were cyber-ready and in compliance with newly established protocols. Major Fenway's dedication, loyalty, and focus on excellence were instrumental to the success of the Army Forces Command, G-6, G-62, Cybersecurity Branch's success. Major Fenway's dedicated service is in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army.

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