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MOS 19 ARMOR Citations/DA Form 638 Examples

19D - Cavalry Scout

Cavalry Scout

Upon arrival to the Saber Squadron, SPC Kerst immediately distinguished himself by earning the title "top shot" in light cav gunnery.

SPC Kerst was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for his performance during NTC in 2012.

SPC Kerst deployed with the Saber Squadron in support of Operation New Dawn and the overall pull out of Northern Iraq.

SPC Kerst also achieved the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge while serving in the Saber Squadron.

Squad Leader

o developed a solid physical fitness routine while deployed, which lead to two PT failures passing the APFT with an average of 240 points

o displayed great mental toughness under extreme pressure after being struck by two IED's

o holds nightly study groups for Battalion Soldier of the month boards and promotion boards

o effectively intergrated himself and his Soldiers with sister unit to become a cohesive and effective route clearance team

o trained and tested three Bradley crews on SGST, setting them up to achieve three first time go's; one qualifying with a disinguished rating

Section Sergeant

o chosen among two of his peers to conduct advon redeployment operations, paving the way for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, ensuring a smooth transition

o performed the duties and responsibilities of the PSG on several occasions; allowing the platoon to continue operations in the PSG's absence

o his tactical training allowed the platoon to complete multiple air insertion missions on short notice at NTC 09-01 and STALLION Rampage with outstanding results

19K - Armor Crewman


Spc Mcclellan continuosly worked during his personal time to insure all company supply needs and suspenses were met as he served as assistant supply SPC

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