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MOS 27 Legal Services Awards

Paralegal Specialist

Trial Defense Service NCO

SSG Hern is a capable SNCO who constantly demonstrates exceptional leadership skills as team Non Commissioned Officer and increases team productivity by enhancing team service.

He handled over 100 Article 15s, 40 chapters, 5 Article 32 hearings, 6 Summary courts martial, and assisted on 17 BCD-Special and General Courts-Martials.

As the de facto NCOIC, he regularly reviewed complex military justice and administrative files and researched case law for numerous trials. He conducted preliminary interviews of witnesses, developed and submitted all office reports, and maintained the brigade legal filing system.

SSG Hern is a recognized asset to the 1450 JAG DET who routinely thinks outside the box and is regularly consulted by the officers in the team for administrative advice and guidance.

He provided legal support to the Special court-martial convening authority, and all subordinate battalions, consisting of over 3,050 Soldiers.

Paralegal NCO

o took charge of the evacuation and patriation of a threatened local national, interface with local liaison reduced wait to 24 hours

o served as Kandahar Legal Office NCOIC, supervised and trained 5 junior soldiers in the execution of their responsibilities

o adjusted customer service hours to meet needs of rotating shifts; increased access to services by 50%

o supported over 450 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, DOD civilians, and contractors on a daily basis

o trained the Staff Judge Advocate section on the Naturalization requirements and process

o submitted 45 citizenship packages, expedited applications, resulted in 12 Soldiers receiving citizenship while deployed

o processed over 100 legal claims and followed through to resolution reducing monetary hardship on families

o processed over 50 Wills, Powers of Attorney, and notarizations supporting the mobilization of the sustainment brigade

o trained 23d QuarterMaster Brigade civilian employees on Article 15, Chapter administration, recognized with a Certificate for Excellence

o briefed over 3000 incoming service members on local conditions and Rules of Engagement

o selected by the Staff Judge Advocate and Command Paralegal as the command's Coggins Award nominee, an award for excellence for paralegals

o processed over 520 legal actions while deployed to a theater of combat operations with 95 percent accuracy

o used exceptionally sound judgement and diplomacy when addressing legal issues with command teams

o Soldier unable to take APFT during this period due to deployment for combat operations/contingency operations

o completed the FOB Official Army 10-Miler shadow run on a demanding and challeging course at an elevation over 5,300 feet above sea level in Afghanistan

o inspired three subordinate Soldiers to seek self improvement through college and correspondance courses, resulting in 100 percent enrollment

o provided exceptional leadership in combat by taking charge and always being on top of mission situations and requirements

o inspired espirit de corps and the desire to succeed

o implemented training in a forward deployed environment ensuring three Soldiers were fully proficient in technical and tactical skills; readily shared combat experience

o ensured a court-martial was completed in three weeks in a combat environment, a task which normally takes about three months; extremely mission-focused

o executed pre-deployment training proficiently, including convoy operations and react to contact drills; improved operational proficiency and readiness in the section

o maintained 100 percent accountability of more than $20,000 worth of equipment, resulting in zero loss or damage during deployment

o supervised the creation and manning of area force protection fighting positions for a Forward Operating Base in a theater of combat operations

o ensured accurate and prompt reporting of all military justice actions for the unit; completely reliable and trustworthy


o expedited citizenship application process for Task Force members resulting in 6 Soldiers within the Task Force receiving US citizenship while on deployment

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