MOS 37F Psychological Operations (PsyOps)

Meritorious service while serving as Team Chief, Psychological Operations Team (TPT) 1422, 301st Tactical Psychological Operations Company (ABN), San Diego, California from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Castaway's dedication to the mission and constant willingness to go above and beyond expectations has been a vital asset to technical and tactical development of the Afghanistan National Army's 2nd Brigade of the 215th Corps Information-Related Capabilities sections. His diligent mentorship and tutelage of 2nd Brigade's Public Affairs section inspired the development and dissemination of 1300 informational products in support of the Brigade's Operation Eagle Campaign and the 2014 Afghanistan National Elections. In addition, Sergeant Castaway's exceptional confidence and professionalism directly contributed to the incremental improvement, productivity, and capability of the Brigade's Inform and Dissemination operations. Further, his efforts directly increased the number of Key Leader Engagements between 2nd Brigade's leadership and the population of Northern Helmand, causing a thirty percent increase in the number of shuras and the reporting of insurgent activities by local nationals. Sergeant Castaway's exceptional performance, professionalism and dedication to duty reflect great credit on him, the 301st Tactical Psychological Operations Company (ABN) and the United States Army.

Operations and Training Specialist

Meritorious service as the Staff Operations and Training Specialist for the 17th Psychological Operations Battalion from XX XX XX XX to XX XX XX XX. His tireless efforts led to an increase in the overall training readiness of a unit tasked to support missions in the SOUTHCOM area of operations. His management ability, diligence, and attention to detail have directly contributed to the success of the 17th Psychological Operations Battalion and reflected credit upon him, his unit and the United States Army.

Psychological Operations Specialist

Outstanding Achievement during Operation Toy Drop XIX for the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne). Master Sergeant Cello's efforts were instrumental in manifesting, creating certificates, and presenting 3,100 foreign jump wing badges in ceremonies with foreign jumpmasters. Her commitment and performance were essential and directly contributed to the overwhelming success of Operation Toy Drop XIX. Master Sergeant Cello's achievements reflect great credit upon her, the United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) and the United States Army.

25M Multimedia Illustrator and a 37F Psychological Operations Specialist

Due to SGT Dan's outstanding technical knowledge of photography, he was requested by PSYOP Tactical teams on two occasions to document significant Afghanistan National Security Forces Humanitarian missions in RC (E). His technical expertise also resulted in SGT Dan performing the role of Company photographer which helped document significant events in Soldiers' lives and the Company as a whole. His skills and contributions assisted in fostering a cohesive atmosphere among unit members.

In addition to his regular duties, SGT Dan distinguished himself as a skilled Risograph technician responsible for the installation, operation, and maintenance of three complex high-capacity Risograph printers valued at over $250,000. His broad knowledge and technical skills were evident when he seamlessly fielded and installed two Risographs simultaneously. This equipment was mission essential and allowed the Product Development Team to continuously provide printed product to PSYOP teams without any delay.

In his role Multimedia Illustrator, SGT Dan was responsible for the design of nine new PSYOP products, printing of over 250,000 products and was instrumental in the creation and modification of over 64 billboard designs for four resurfacing iterations of the 100 PSYOP billboards in Anbar Province. These billboards were a critical medium utilized to directly reinforce the Commanding General's intent which was to promote the successes of the Afghanistan National Security Forces.

SGT Dan spearheaded the multimedia illustrations and development of the 330th PSYOP Company logos, company coin and company T-shirts. SGT Dan was also selected to establish and run the Company's Family Readiness Shutterfly website which allowed families and soldiers securely share photographs and messages during the deployment. His actions contributed greatly to increase morale of the Soldiers as well as their friends and families.

37F Psychological Operations Specialist who worked on radio equipment

SPC Milton demonstrated exceptional capability as the Radio in a Box (RIAB) Systems Technician which was enhanced through his research and self-guided development. SPC Milton was responsible for the maintenance of nine very complex RIAB systems with little formal training as well as the tracking of five additional RIAB systems. Due to SPC Milton's initiative and constant focus on increasing his technical expertise; he was able to develop an instructional guide and cross-train two of his peers to become proficient in RIAB repair.

SPC Milton was instrumental in the repair of 13 RIAB operational issues at nine locations, allowing the tactical elements to continue using this effective and invaluable message dissemination platform. SPC Milton performed four RIAB retrogrades at other Forward Operating Bases in support of the base realignment and closure plan. His duties included the break down and securing of portable towers, virtual satellite receivers, satellite dishes, and computers which assisted the supporting units' S4 with the turn-in of $530,000 of equipment.

SPC Milton played a vital role in the production, printing, cutting, and packaging of over 250,000 PSYOP products which was later distributed by eight PSYOP teams across Anbar Province. This enabled the PSYOP teams to build rapport with local nationals and partnered Afghanistan National Security Force (ANSF) units as well as assist with the legitimization of the Government Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and ANSF.

In addition to his daily duties, SPC Milton would also serve as an alternate Multimedia Illustrator due to his self-developed skills in this field. In this capacity, SPC Milton designed and developed the multimedia illustrations for Afghanistan National Army unit patches and crests which lead to increased morale and esprit de corps amongst the soldiers of the Afghanistan National Army. Also, SPC Milton played a key role in the design and development of the 330th PSYOP Company logos and company coin.

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