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MOS 38 Civil Affairs Awards

Civil Affairs Sergeant

Civil Affairs Team A           February 2006- May 2007

~ Managed lower enlisted soldiers in support of the Civil Affairs Mission

~ Liaison between representatives of indigenous, international, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies

~ Carried and secured over $1million in US currency at any given time to support area operations

~ Executive protection for indigenous government officials

~ Performed Combat Lifesaver techniques to save and recover lives of the foreign population

~ Promoted security operations: Monitored and instructed classes of 30 or more foreign students, focusing on Riot Control and Security

~ Firearms proficiency: Beretta 9mm, M-4 carbine 5.56x45mm, M-249 belt fed 5.56x45mm, M240 belt fed 7.62x51mm

Project Manager

As project manager, SFC Lewis provided efficient oversight of the construction of the 3,000 square foot facility for the Civil Military Support Element and other joint personnel billeted in Tingo-Maria, Peru. SFC Lewis' efforts, in adverse geographical surroundings and in continuous danger, saved over $1,000,000 by eliminating unnecessary construction costs. In addition, his actions extended operations for CMSE-Peru elements in multiple areas of operations in the Upper Huallaga Valley with government partners conducting eradication and alternative development operations in an area spannning over 950,000 square miles. SFC Lewis' sacrifice and work as an ambassador of the United States greatly improved the community involvement relationship.

o professionally planned and orchestrated training during annual training for over 200 457th Civil Affairs Battalion Soldiers and its subordinate units in FY 10

o helped joint public affairs staff prepare for inspection and achieved an "Excellent" in Records Management

Team Sergeant

o as acting CA Team Chief for DST Zormat, Afghanistan, he arranged numerous Key Leader Engagements (KLEs) with province governors

o served as the Contracting Rep; ensured contractors complied with all aspects of the contracts, phases were completed on schedule, and no additional costs

o revived a failing high visibility project when the project's sponsor could not support it, brought electricity to outer city

Civil Affairs NCO

o stepped up to lead the Joint Task Force Civil Support public affairs directorate on numerous occasions during deployment to Op NOBLE EAGLE

o played a vital part in uploading all CIM data to the UROC server


o managed the emergency evacuation of sensitive items from Santa Barbara unit as uncontrolled forest fire approached, saved over $500K worth of equipment, preserved mission readiness

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