MOS 42F, Human Resource Info System Management

For his exceptional service while serving as Information Technology Specialist (Data Management) for the System Analysis Branch (SAB), Army Publishing Directorate Media Distribution Division (APDMDD), Army Headquarters Services (AHS), Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (AASA) from March 2015 through April 2019. During this period, SFC Lemon developed and implemented over ten thousand lines of computer code that enhanced the effectiveness of the Standard Army Publications System (STARPUBS), Standard Warehouse Operating System (SWOS), ePUBS, and Order Portal. In addition, SFC Lemon developed an innovative solution that streamlined the package/flat mail process for carriers and revised an Intelligent Mail Package Barcode which provided major savings for the Department of the Army. SFC Lemon's dedication to mission and commitment to excellence during his service to the Department of Defense exemplify the highest standards of superior service.

PFC Pierce's commitment to job accomplishment consistently resulted in products of the highest quality. He mastered all STAMIS systems to ensure optimum output at all times. He ensured 100% accountability of all Soldiers' records and maintained 100% accountability of all members' personnel records including cross-leveled Soldiers as the unit prepared for deployment.

While serving as Human Resources Specialist, PFC Pierce, displayed phenomenal devotion to mission accomplishment in support of over 800 Soldiers. He showed great pride and enthusiasm in every task he undertook, producing excellent results. He developed, maintained and utilized an accounting system which tracked over a 1,000 personnel actions with zero losses. He developed and implemented a continuity book in his section to assist all orderly room clerks with the proper and accurate processing of all Human Resource actions.

PFC Pierce's loyalty, high morals and military conduct were of high order and worthy of emulation. His tact, common sense, professional knowledge, and devotion to duty were an inspiration to his peers and subordinates. He was often called upon by his peers for advice in solving difficult problems in the field of Human Resources Specialist. PFC Pierce's keen foresight, sound judgment, and professional competence enabled him to discharge his inherent duties with precision and accuracy.

o maintained admin and logistic requirements for 4 teams while they were downrange and while at CLDJ.

o organized, stored, and maintained over 12 months worth of AIM/Mission reports from 4 different JCATs

o completed over 110 leave packets for Soldiers leaving for R&R-no delays, no schedule failures

o assisted with the unit's birth month audits for over 120 Soldiers, review cited as 100% accurate

o helped with the distribution of over 3K pieces of mail to the unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom

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