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46R Duty Descriptions

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MOS 46 Public Affairs DA 638 examples

46R/Broadcast NCOIC

o succesfully trained new broadcast Soldiers in complete submission process of video products, ensuring wide dissemination to civilian media outlets

o reorganized all video equipment and established deployable field kits ready for immediate use by all personnel

o flawlessly led public affairs team during one interstate and two international missions of high visiblility


o conducted 450 ceremonial announcing missions in the last 12 months

o wrote and produced 50 print, radio and television stories on the activities of soldiers assigned to Combined Team Uruzgan for internal and external release; established social media accounts for CTU to allow families to read and view stores online

o wrote five different public affairs guidance packages that were used by senior leadership in the United States and Australia


o awarded the Bronze Star by the Regimental Commander for exceptional leadership as a Public Affairs Chief during Operation Enduring Freedom 10-11

o supervised over 700 public affairs missions in the National Capitol Region

o Platoon Sergeant of a PAO section 3 times larger than a typical BCT PAO section

o led 11 soldiers in three different military occupation skills as a staff sergeant


o trained the acting PAO after the no-notice deployment of the Regimental Public Affairs Officer

Responsibility & Accountability:

o successfully located and acquired necessary equipment to outfit a BCT public affairs office according to MTOE; unit had no equipment to complete PAO mission prior to his arrival

o responsible for the readiness and accountability of twice as many soldiers in his current assignment as he would has a SFC in a BCT PAO section

o upgraded the Regiment's A/V capabilities by securing $75,000 worth of equipment from the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee at no cost to the unit

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