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MOS 51C, Contracting, DA 638 Examples

Contracting Officer's Representative

MSG Wallace demonstrated outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and interservice leadership while serving as the Contracting Officer's Representative for U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) Joint Engineering Directorate (JENG). MSG Wallace was solely responsible for guiding the Biogas Digester project to fruition. In addition, he served as the acting First Sergeant, Training Non-Commissioned Officer, Voting Registration Officer and CFC campaign manager for the Joint Engineering Directorate. MSG Wallace's actions bring great credit upon himself, the USFOR-A and the United States Army.

Contracting Officer

For outstanding achievement as a contingency CONTRACTING OFFICER. Sergeant Mason's outstanding professional skill, knowledge and leadership enabled the purchase and installation of over 100,000 dollars in targets critical to supporting the ground liaison officer supporting the operational support and readiness of the A-10C deployed in support of OPERATION ATLANTIC RESOLVE. Sergeant Mason's actions are a credit to himself, the 354th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron and the United States Army.

Deputy Director of Contracts

Captain Rheinhart managed 77 personnel who provided contract management support to over 800 suppliers in the four state New England area encompassing 48,000 square miles. Captain Rheinhart's aggressive and practical leadership style coupled with a constant desire to maximize effectiveness led him to identify multiple performance deficiencies and take immediate steps to improve productivity. He developed and implemented several contract metrics that produced a 50 percent reduction in contract closeout delinquencies. Captain Rheinhart standardized the distribution of the agency's contract workload by developing a centralized Contract tracking tool that provided real-time access to contract data. He revised the Contract Receipt and Review process, significantly reducing process time and ensuring office-wide compliance with policy. Captain Rheinhart also established weekly Contract Workload Review meetings which propagated best practices across the agency, improved daily workforce efficiency and accountability and increased overall unit performance. Additionally, he played a major role in the annual Stand-Down Days with the Defense Contract Audit Agency by reviewing over 1,000 Incurred Costs records and multiple databases. His unmatched leadership in the collection and submission of more than 600 contract files was critical in preparing for the Management Readiness Team (MRT). The exceptional efforts of Captain Rheinhart bring great credit upon himself, DCMA Boston, and the United States Army.

Contracting Officers Representative and Pay Agent

SSG Wilder served as an aide for the Acquisition Corps within Regional Support Command-South West and as a Contracting Officers Representative and Pay Agent for the Helmand Police Training Center, Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan. SSG Wilder was responsible for the accountability of all facets of five service contracts valued at over $1,000,000. He augmented the critical logistical support capabilities and services for the morale and welfare of 300 Afghanistan National Police trainees while developing and enforcing standard operating procedures demanded by the contract. He was also an indispensable advisor to the Regional Support Command-South West Commander and Contract Officers at Kabul Regional Contracting Center, Afghanistan. SSG Wilder's dedication and devotion to duty is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Army and reflects great credit upon himself, the Regional Support Command-Southwest and the United States Army.

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