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MOS 56M, Chaplain Assistant DA 638 Examples

Specialist Lake's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in developing, coordinating and executing 11 Moral Leadership training events in FY13 which collectively impacted over 1,200 Warriors assigned to 1-1 ADA. SPC Lake's resourcefullness and commitment to the 1-1 ADA team enabled leaders at all levels to benefit from high quality Moral Leadership training while maintaining curriculum, venue, food costs at less then half of the budget utilized in FY12.

o organized and conducted a Combat and Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) class for over 100 Navy members assigned to security detail

o increased the effectiveness of the 2-12 CAV through diligence in all aspects of the Unit Ministry Team mission

o coordinated the Ft Bragg 10th Anniversary Gospel Extravaganza which involved over 300 active duty members and civilians in worship and fellowship

o promoted the physical and mental well-being of all members and ensured the success of the team

o coordinated two Battalion memorial services simultaneously and followed up with sensitive pastoral care to unit members

During AT, PVT Neely's outstanding attention to detail and dedication was instrumental to the success of the Unit Ministry Team. He performed PMCS daily on UMT equipment and vehicle, identifying deficiencies and coordinating for necessary repairs. He was instrumental in the preparation and successful execution of three field Chapel services and one joint UMT Chapel Service on Main Post Chapel. PVT Neely participating in various other training events and activities contributing to the overall mission readiness of the Unit Ministry Team.

o provided unparalleled support to 4 subordinate Religious Support Teams deployed across Southern Afghanistan

o his service during the Camp Black Horse Mayor's Prayer Breakfast touched over 300 lives

o planned, arranged, and helped lead two retreats in the Chaplain's absence producing a noticeable effect on morale

o revised and improved the Religious Support Team TASCOP and Annexes that govern theater operations by TF MED Religious Support Teams

o seized the initiative in the 2-12 CAV Suicide Prevention Training Program by orchestrating classes and serving as primary instructor

o managed a world-class Protestant religious education program with over 1200 participants, a 20 percent increase over 2009

o faithfully and skillfully executed all duties while assigned as the Battalion Chaplain Assistant, a position she is untrained for

Sergeant Ortiz's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership contributed immeasurably to the effectiveness and success of JRTC Sept 13. Sergent Ortiz served as NCOIC for the Chapel where he planned and coordinated meetings and services for over 900 active duty members. In the absence of the Battalion Chaplain, Sergeant Ortiz provided compassionate pastoral care and religious support. Sergeant Ortiz also provided unparalled support to the PSD teams and arranged security for the BDE Chaplain during FTX lanes.

o coordinated and distributed over $10,000 in baseball and other sports equipment to the Iraqi Boys and Girls Scouts

o volunteered over 40 hours to participate in the serving of all hot meals during operation Golden Medic 2010

o enhanced ministry awareness through an aggressive program of unit visitation encompassing 100% of the installation

o researched four successful chapel singles programs in developing a lifetime experience for 80 Soldiers at Niagra Falls

o selected for assignment as the Senior Enlisted advisor and Chaplain SGM for the Multi-National Force-Iraq

o established a Chaplain work site office expanding the spiritual fitness of 1300 joint personnel

o key to the successful deployment and mobilization of the TF 28 MED Religious Support Team (RST)

o directly assisted the needs of 1100 wounded warriors, served over 100 patients/staff through counseling and intervention

o ensured that 25 Religious Support Teams provided qualified, seamless religious service and support to coalition forces throughtout Iraq

o trained and qualified 11 9th TSC Soldiers to serve as Empowerment Action NCOs (EANCO) for Army Reserve Warrior Family Assistance Center

o professional poise directly contributed to the Camp Humphreys Chapel receiving an "Excellent" rating during the 2009 inspection

o delivered 15 re-integration briefings, assisting approximately 850 transient medical patients

o managed a budget of 200 thousand dollars, provided financial oversight for five solvent chapel programs

o developed and delivered the religious and cultural awareness briefing provided before deployments

Citation to accompany the award of the Army Achievement Medal
SPC Romero displayed exceptional professional and dedication to her duties in coordinating daily logistical support for Ramadan for the Sayed Mosque, Bagram AF, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 2010. Her dedication to service was instrumental to the congregation's ability to serve the Iftar meal to 75-100 people daily throughout the 29 day period of Ramadan, and to provide an Eid al-Fitr celebration for more than 300 congregants and visitors. SPC Romero's actions are a credit to herself, her unit, and the chaplain corps.

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