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Ammo NCOER Examples

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89A - Ammunition Stock Control and Accounting Specialist

o maintained over $1,000,000 worth of government equipment

o planned, orchestrated the movement of all SSO equipment and classified documents resulting in minimal down time for the G2 SSO offices

As the Battalion Ammunition NCO, SSG Parker processed ammunition requests, turn in, and established transport operating procedures ensuring mission accomplishment. SSG Parker maintained accountability of over 70,000 rounds valued at over $151,670. He maintained a zero delinquency residue turn-in rate for over 40 ammunition issues. He was vital to the efficient and effective transition of the Ammunition Basic Load of six transportation companies and one LSV detachment during deployment/redeployment operations.

SSG Parker was responsible for coordinating over 7 ranges for Battalion and managing the Battalion Standard in Training Commission (STRAC). He used all available resources to fill range personnel requirements so that all ranges were zero accidents. His attention to detail and pre-planning skills resulted in efficiently executed ranges and training exercises.

As a Unit Prevention Leader, he conducted five urinalysis tests, handling 90 specimens with a zero discrepancy rate. He also taught one alcohol and drug abuse class to over 90 Soldiers within the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He ensured that Soldiers in the battalion were in compliance with the alcohol and substance abuse policy

As an Equal Opportunity Leader, SSG Parker instructed two Equal Opportunity training classes to include Racial and Gender discrimination and Prevention of Sexual Harassment training for over 100 Soldiers.

Ammunition NCO

SGT Siles distinguished himself by receiving a 100% commendable rating on the FCoE Safety inspection conducted in May 2014.

During Table 18, SGT Siles was a vital part of the arrangement of the storage points and assisted in the proper placement of munitions in accordance with NEW and blast radius requirements.

SGT Siles worked in the issue and turn-in area where he issued 26 DODICs totaling over $2,000,000.00.

SGT Siles moved a 620 short tons of munitions worth an estimated $20,000,000.00.

SGT Siles surpassed his peers by supervising 98 Ammunition Inventories to assist in the completion of scheduled inventories and ASP mantainance. His outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in the accountability of ammunition vital to the mission of the 141st Brigade. His actions reflect great credit upon himself, the 266th Ordnance Company and the United States Army.

89B - Ammunition Specialist

Ammunition Specialist

o instrumental in the shipment of over 800,000 rounds of ammunition to Bahgram, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom OEF

SSG Miller was the primary instructor in SAAS-MOD system for 23 personnel from 664th OD Co and 3/1 CAV units. SSG Miller designed and established a tracking system to maintain good accountability and distribution of 3/1 CAV ammunition. SSG Miller was flawless in his execution of the multiple complex training events.

SSG Miller's tact, common sense, professional knowledge, and devotion to duty were an inspiration to his teammates and contributed significantly to the high standards of training throughout the mission. He personally designed a tracking system for 3/1 CAV ammo and then supervised the distribution of 3/1 CAV ammunition. As a result of his design expertise and leadership, 3/1 CAV allow the supported units to maximize their training opportunity.

SSG Miller was hand-selected by the accountable officer to perform the duties as SAAS-MOD operator in which he was able to coordinate and manage the storage and distribution of $3 million dollars in ammunition and in essential supplies for the establishment of training operations in TRAPNELL ATP. His maturity and attention to detail ensured no discrepancies in ammunition management, while providing for 3/1 CAV's ammunition.

SSG Cox earned the John D. Woodyard Leadership Award during his tenure as Class Leader while attending BNCOC. He exceeded course requirements by graduating in the top 3% of his Ammunition Specialist BNCOC with a 95% Grade Point Average.

SSG Cox was hand-picked by the Battalion CSM to be the ATHP NCOIC for the 1st BCT, 1st Calvary Division's NTC Rotation 12-01. He established and controlled the Ammunition Transfer and Holding Point during 24-hour operations resulting in zero incidents and maintaining 100% accountability.

SSG Cox's acute management and accountability skills aided the smooth change of responsibility of the Ammunition Supply Point with an inventory of over $1 million in Class V items. He personally supervised over 1,100 Class V receipts, issues and turn-ins with zero incidents during his tenure as Section Chief.

SSG Cox assisted the III Corps and Fort Hood Ammunition Holding Area by inventorying and securing over 10 tons of ammunition daily while serving as Section Sergeant.

89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal

SPC Durden successfully completed one stateside EOD response incident as a Team Member in support of local law enforcement agencies, resulting in the safe removal and disposition of all hazardous items without injury to personnel or damage to property. He also supported the Very Important Persons Protective Service Activity on a mission as a Team Member. His attention to detail and tireless work ethic ensured the safety of the President of the United States and other foreign dignitaries.

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