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Failure to Report for Formation

Purpose of Counseling


You are being counseled for failure to be at your place of duty (morning formation on 04 NOV 2019) and not using our chain of command.

Key Points of discussion:

During your initial counseling you were told that you were required to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform. You signed that counseling acknowledging that you understood the directions. This is the second time you have failed to be present for formation. This failure to follow orders will not be tolerated.

You missed the 0630 morning formation. I called you repeatedly in an attempt to wake and hurry you to formation to no avail. After you were reported FTR to the 1SG, I knocked on your door at the barracks to find it slightly open and you still sleeping.

When asked why you were not up on time for formation, you showed me that your phone died throughout the night and thus your alarm was unable to do its job.

As previously talked about in your initial counseling, I am aware that sometimes things happen that cause us to make mistakes. This morning was one of these times for you however, it could have been avoided had you been vigilant and assured your phone was charged. Even missing a formation can be excused if you have a good reason. But there is no excuse for the complacency you have shown in repeatedly missed morning formations. You have proven yourself to be in need of more supervision when getting to and from designated places of duty. This is not becoming of a aspiring soldier, or adult.

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